Sunday, October 14, 2018

365 LLC Days 285 - 287: Of Perfect Halloween Meets, Zodiac Coords, & Favorite Accessories

October 12, 2018

'Tis the season and my favorite one at that! Every year I have been taking to do a Halloween themed meet that I try to do a little differently each year. One of my plans, that sadly did not pan out last year, was to host a Victorian Séance afternoon tea, complete with tea leaf and tarot reading guests, prizes for best within theme, and the parlor redone to do spectral photography where sitters will have their photo taken and later have a volunteer frilly, dressed accordingly, superimposed into the background (if I can't figure that out I'll just have a volunteer do that with a bit of gauzy material in the background). 

I actually had it all cleared with this one wonderful local tea parlor, that resides in a Victorian house, but sadly things were a little too crazy last year. But fret not, for I have plans to get this done, just not for this year. This year I'm hosting at a historic mansion museum that is going to be doing it's own mourning rituals exhibit and dressing it's house as it would have been for mourning. I'm just getting the prizes all squared away and little gift bags for attendees that I hope they will enjoy.

October 13, 2018

This was not quite what I had planned on doing at first but it worked out I think. I know I just recently did a zodiac and gemstone inspired coordinate so I tried to make very it a bit more. I do find this jsk is super elegant and exudes that sort of Leo and fire sign vibe with it's jewel tone. I added a crown of roses which I made a long time ago but finally was able to do the headchain that goes with the design, the back half is covered with bows and entwined chains and pearls.

Speaking of pearls and roses, I wanted to play that up quite a bit, this dress is covered in roses as well but I wanted to add to it with, not just the headdress, but the tights are too. And, of course, you know I can't do a floral coord without one of my rosette pins, this one has one of my antique cameos added into it as it's my personal piece.

<3 Coord Rundown <3

<3 Jsk/Underskirt: Alice and the Pirates
<3 Blouse: Milu Forest
<3 Rosette/Headdress/Necklace: The Bloody Tea Party
<3 Shoes/Bracelet: Off brand

October 14, 2018

I actually got to wear a few of my favorite accessories for this post and most all of them happened to be antiques. The small cameo ring is a bit newer then the large jet cameo pin and the Victorian heart shaped mourning ring, which the last one is a family piece and I thought they all looked really nice together with this coord. Here is a basic coord shot of everything, though I turned myself into a hover Lolita again as I never seem to show past my knees. They were simple black knee high socks anyway, no print or design to them but they work, and my shoes are my only pair of black shoes that you constantly see.

<3 Coord Rundown <3

<3 Jsk: Alice and the Pirates
<3 Blouse: Fan+Friend
<3 Bonnet: Triple Fortune
<3 Shoes/Socks: Offbrand
<3 Rings/Cameo: Antique


I am in a spooky mood! I'm not sure if it's from the last coord, writing about my perfect Halloween meet, or being so involved in making things fun and festive with a spooky coord a day. I want to go running through a haunted attraction or something like that (I've actually only been to one haunted attraction in my life!...but I certainly did my fair share of ghost hunting) someone come run away with me to some haunted field and have a tea party with me!!! Right now, I can only enjoy some coffin vanilla sable cookies and chamomile tea but cheers anyway! XOXO

Saturday, October 13, 2018

LBC: What Made/Makes Your Dream Dress So Special

One of the things that I have found completely unique and interesting to Lolita fashion is the Dream Dress, something that is different for everyone. Though not everyone has one, it's not necessary to enjoy the fashion, but it can often times strike anyone when least expected. For some it's a solid piece that has layer after layer of detail while others have that one print that utterly enchants them. And though there are people who don’t have one some have several. For this week's prompt for the Lolita Blog Carnival we will be writing about what we, as individuals, found special about their particular dream dress(s). 

<3 Secret Laboratory in Red <3

One of my most coveted dream dresses right now is most definitely Metamorphose's Secret Laboratory in red. I have a great deal of regret at not purchasing this piece when it came out but I hope to one day rectify that. The fact that it's in a nice shade of red and littered with cats, brooms, witch hats, and cauldrons should be enough to understand why I want this print, in this particular colorway, it's perfect to me. I would love to be able to see all the details up close one day and inspect the trim, look at the books, and count the kittens, I would settle for it in any cut but the skirt. And if I should ever get this you can bet your frilly bloomers that I will make a matching Witch's Bonnet to coord together with it. 

<3 Black Cat, Witch, And The Apple Tree jsk in Cream <3

This is one of the pieces I coveted for years and had had no luck until 2 different friends messaged me out of the blue with this one’s listing. It was one of the colors I had wanted (still would love the red) and the exact cut I had wanted I think with it being in cream it really made the artwork stricking. And again, we can clearly see my love of witchy prints, though it’s funny I don’t have a lot of cat prints but all of the witchy ones I like definitely have them all over. The ruffled neckline is so sturdy and elegant with all of it’s layers it’s amazing and the soft ruffle at the bottom has little sparkles you can only just make out on inspecting the garment. 

<3 Fairy Garden jsk <3

This dress was a dream dress of mine but the way I felt when I saw it was sort of intimidation. I was certain I would never even get a chance to own this dress as they tend to go before I have money for 3F things. By the time it was in front of me I was amazed by it’s softness and all the ruffles. It was just overwhelming in person. 

Night Fairy Fantasia jsk I in Milky Way

One of my favorite series and one I now have in Milky Way and Cloudy Sky colorways in jsk I and Starry Night and Dreamy Planet in jsk II and has been one of my favorite pieces since the series came out. So this piece is one that I feel like is a purchase in progress for several reasons. I thought I had lucked out when a friend had sent me the listing but it was really all down hill from there. In the end, the whole experience of getting this piece left a bad taste in my mouth, the pin~back bow was missing as well as the chain (which I quickly was able to make one for it but still) and no further 
contact could be made with the seller after pointing it out to that things were missing. I still love this 
particular piece and plan to hold on to it but it was not worth all of the issue and I think if I found this
 jsk again I would buy the piece that had all it's pieces and sell this one, being very clear about what was missing and why I would sell it. I'll be taking a huge loss but I think a heavy weight would be lifted if I could do all that.

<3 Tea Time Nostalgia jsk II in Green

This dress has been something I've also searched high and low for and knew I would never get at a good price but I magically got it for below retail, at the end of last year. I found this to be pretty amazing because we all know that it doesn't sell for that low, even if damaged. The roses and the gilding are truly fabulous, weaving across the different tapestries, and have the beautiful teacups cascading down the fabric, those alone would be enough to catch my interest. The beauty of the piece though is how it all plays together, it's elegance in it's print and the cut in particular I find very flattering. 

<3 Fragrant Rose Memories Camelot jsk In Rosemary <3 

One of my favorite pieces that I was able to get when it released. The swathes of ruffles, the trims, and all of the portraits and cameos and roses and chains scattered throughout the print. This colorway is also something I wanted so badly and thought I had no chance of catching but thanks to the staff at Tokyo Rebel back in the day, they made it happen. This was a case of lucky timing and magically having the funds and probably the first time I bought a piece at full price not on my birthday, it was worth it! 

Okay, if I’m not careful I’ll have posted too many though I do have a few more, particularly from my start in the fashion. Check out the links below to read about what pieces made people absolutely crazy and made them hope and wish to get their particular dream pieces.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

365 LLC Days 282 - 284: Of Old EGL Meets, Historical Events, & Small Beautiful Details

October 9, 2018

Photo taken from Victoria (SWDPunk) 

This is a trip down someone's memory lane that I wish I could have taken part of, but alas, I was not active nor was there much of a comm in RI at that time. There seemed to be a lot going on for other groups though, a few con meets, the 6th meet up in Vienna was held and everyone took this pretty neat pic on stairs, all spread out, the DC comm seemed to have gone to the Cherry Blossom festival, and a meet up with Novala occurred where he seemed to daringly show off his belly button, while at the Shojo Beat anniversary party in San Francisco. It all seemed like a lot of good times were had and a lot of people in attendance.  

I honestly am beginning to get some oldschool nostalgia maybe I should go and read some Novala now. I could even dress in the same print that the translator is wearing in this photo.

October 10, 2018

It appears to be a spell of prompts about history which are interesting, to say the least, to look into. There were quite a few to look through but I think the most wonderful and fun (an not devastating) one to learn about today was that in 1899 African~American inventor Issac R. Johnson patents the bicycle frame! His patent was able to fold so it was better for storage and it could also be taken apart as well. Sadly, not much else in known about his life or other accolades so I wasn't able to find very much more.

October 11, 2018

I had been thinking all day of something I could take a picture of with small beautiful details and strangely this struck me only at the end of the day. I had thought it would be a nice little bit to add to my witchy coord and while I was just about to pick something else out of my wardrobe I realized I'm wearing the perfect piece to show.

This Victorian era hair broach is indeed a beautiful piece to behold. It took me a few tries to get a good picture of it since it is small, you can see it here in one of the coord shot I took earlier today. This particular coord was for #Frilloween2018 day 11's witch coord prompt and this was the dress that popped right into my head, I'm actually pretty happy with how it looked on and more happy about how well the tights went together.

<3 Coord Rundown <3

<3 Mourning Broach: Antique
<3 Jsk: Alice and the Pirates
<3 Witch's Bonnet/Death Head Necklace: The Bloody Tea Party
<3 Blouse/Shoes/Bracelets: Off brand
<3 Tights: Putomayo
<3 Rings: Vintage


Had some really interesting prompts over the last few days, I really enjoy history and in some ways each post involved a little bit of it. The early days of when I got into this fashion feel so long ago but I remember feeling like I was very alone, seeing the posts and realizing what I missed out on really makes me appreciate the comms I've been a part of. Also, I remember seeing the folding bikes as a kid and being completely amazed by them and I am glad to finally know where they come from.

I think I need to make my exit for the night, I have a lot to do tomorrow, more Witch's Bonnets to finish, a hat commission to start, and need to make another coord geared towards #31daysofspookylolitas that I hope others get in on (and #frilloween2018). Well, cheers! XOXO

Monday, October 8, 2018

365LLC Days 279 - 281: Of Generated Gothic Prints, Discovering New Fairy Tales, & Valentines For A New Lolita

October 6, 2018

This photo is strangely difficult to see but when I viewed it and saved it, it had been a readable size. It's floating around EGL LJ so it's easily traceable if you simply google it if you wish to look at it for yourself and make your own. Mine was August, M, and Black, which starts to make me sound like a Harry Potter character, one of the infamous Black family though I would be a Gryffindor even still.

My set gave me Antique, Queen, and Waltz so I set to work to make a macabre ballroom, maybe a little more ancient than antique, filled with the dead set to dance for the Queen for eternity. I think that could be a Btssb print name if anything. I tried to do candles and crows, courtiers dancing, and cobwebs and broken steps and furniture to give it all an old feeling. I think this will be another for the pile of prints I'll have to "flesh" out, as it were.

October 7, 2018

Oh boy, here we go again, it's time to trek again through the lost files of fairy tales because I have read quite a few of them from many different parts of the world. Today, I sort of closed my eyes, started to scroll through a map of the world, and when I stopped and landed my finger I took to India and started looking there. It's strange as some of these stories are familiar, though I don't think I've ever read them anywhere before...maybe my dad told me some from his travels?

I went with The Lord of Death, one that sounds so very familiar, that is about a road that no one dare to travel on because all who do die. An old man happens to be traveling said road and when he went to rest saw this huge snake that was so very large he had to follow it at a distance. He followed it across the road, over a stream, and to isolated houses, every person the snake encountered would die but by different means as sometimes the snake would transform into something wanted. Not one person seemed safe from this creature and it seemed like the only person mentioned to be visited by the snake to live was a Queen, though not the youngest daughter. 

The ending is very interesting and it begs the question whether the snake was the Devil or simply Death, we are never given an answer to this though.

October 8, 2018

Submitting valentines now is very tough, the last one is one I sent out to a friend because that would be easiest. I think I'm going to make one for someone new~ish in my local comm and just give it to them, maybe start a Halloween round?


Things are getting crazy over here, I am nearly finished with a few Witch's Bonnet orders and should be sending them out tomorrow, I have been doing both Frilloween2018 and 31daysofspookylolitas where I build a coord a day, and keeping up with these prompts. Honestly, I'm tired but I feel pumped, I guess Halloween does that for me. (I do think I'll do that Antique Queen print soon though) Well, thankfully I've washed my teapot and cup out earlier and now I'm off to bed, cheers! XOXO

Friday, October 5, 2018

365 LLC Days 276 - 278: Of Savored Desserts, New Movies To Watch, & How I Coordinate

October 3, 2018

No one said what type of dessert so I quickly baked myself up some cookies. The little bite of the salty flavor plays really well in these vanilla bean sables I've taken to enjoy (I crushed coarse sea salt for these). And since it's officially Fall I've been feeding the urge to use more pieces that have that vibe with their paint work and pictures.

October 4, 2018

I'm going to go see this. I remember the owner of the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast talking about this movie when me and my friend, Kerry, hosted a tea party and tour there a few years ago. It may be one of my favorite meets I've held in a lot of ways. We were able to host it in August shortly after the dreadful events anniversary and got to enjoy a homemade tea time, made by the owner, and held in the dinning room.

This movie is not actually filmed on location (neither was that Christina Ricci one) but I think, from looking at photos, that it's going to look pretty good. What more can one ask for when one loves the macabre when seeing beautiful wardrobe and set pieces and seeing another take on what could have happened? And from what I have learned over the years is that this is a major theory that the maid and Lizzie were possibly in a relationship and that they carried the ghastly tasks together. It's just one of the theories anyway, but this is out just in time for the Halloween season and I'm about to through on some widow's weed like coord to go see it.

October 5, 2018

Excuse it being so light usually depends on the weather too...

I think part of what makes this fashion so much fun, and where part of the hoarding of clothes tend to derive from, is the art of putting a coord together. There are so many ways and it can be very simple and basic or highly intricate and hold a theme or secret meaning, both being equally as pretty and fun to wear. One of the things I'm trying to do this Halloween season is to create a spooky or autumn inspired coordinate for all 31 days, I have a lot of really fun pieces to go through but I also think it's pushing me to be a bit more creative with the not so obviously spooky, as well. 

Usually, if it's not for a meet and just for an outfit for the day, I usually take a peak out the window and see how things look to be turning out fairly often impacting if I'm feeling the need for florals or something a bit more chaotic. However, for the sake of this post, let's keep to a tangent. For something like doing 31 days of spooky or fall themed outfits I tend to go right to my wardrobe and go for what strikes my fancy right off the bat. Most instances I start to think of what sort of look I'm going for, grabbing blouses that I think might work and laying them out to place things around and see what starts to fit with my idea.

After a few pieces start falling into place I'll bring everything over to my dress form and put it all up, sometimes causing me to change things out as laid flat they can look a bit different. Next I'll actually go digging through my accessories drawer and jewelry box to double check if there are things that I can add and still have things look good. The last thing that tends to happen is I'll add the head piece, at this time being Witch's Bonnets or something a bit more fantastical to fit in with that spooky aesthetic I'm currently digging.

<3 Coord Rundown <3

<3 Jsk/Socks: Alice and the Pirates
<3 Bracelet: Sex Pot Revenge
<3 Witch Bonnet/Underskirt: The Bloody Tea Party
<3 Blouse: Fan + Friends
<3 Shoes/Bat Necklace: Offbrand


Today was actually ridiculously busy for me, I've been running around trying to finish this while picking up last minute and much needed supplies for Witch Bonnets (I am on a roll and have tons to share!) and also just doing regular errands that people need to do. I feel like I was trying to break down my process but had difficulties describing the mess that is my process. I still enjoyed it. 

And you should totally check out both the new Lizzie Borden movie and try out the #31daysofspookylolitas if you have the chance. I find that I have tuckered myself out now though and should really totter off to bed, I wish I had washed my tea things sooner but that just seems to be the way I end my nights, cheers! XOXO

LBC: Create A Fall Themed Coord

As many have been hearing me say/sing over the last few days that this is the most wonderful time of the year. I was thankfully born and raised in a part of the world that had a decent Fall season and enjoyed every moment of it. Having moved further down south is a bit of a sad change it makes me miss it more; thankfully, I've been doing a few coord challenges recently that feature fall and all of the spooktacular parts that come with it (one for the 365 LLC, here). I did this one the other day for my own particular challenge of a months worth of coordinates being spooky or fall themed, I wanted to change up this one's look completely and ended up with what I feel is a nice blend of both.

It gives a little feel of the spooky with it's macabre print, and strangely what looks to me like what a Victorian era undertaker vibe, and then pulls in the fall look with it's color combos in a way that kind of sticks out to me. The browns are a few different shades in the dress, playing into a sort of dusty purple and rose color group and smatterings of red, being brought out by the print of the socks and the red ribbon of the hat (which looks a bit grey/black here but I swear it is brown). This is not quite where I thought I was going to go with this look but I honestly like how it turned out and how it also is an entirely different look then the coordinates I've made with it previously.

<3 Coord Rundown <3

<3 Jsk: Alice and the Pirates
<3 Necklace/Blouse: The Bloody Tea Party
<3 Hat/Gloves: Antique
<3 Spider Broach/Shoes: Off brand

If you wish to check out what others have done for this particular topic you can check them out in the links below! And don't forget to check out the facebook group, here, if you are looking to join in on the fun. You simply need to answer the prompt that pops up sending us your blog to review.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

365 LLC Days 273 - 275: Of My Own Past Blunders, Coords Based On Horror, & Jewelry Making

September 30, 2018

I know we just recently went over many in the last LBC post, here, so I'd like to try and think of something that I did that was off or wrong that I had not mentioned. 

I think one of the other major blunders that I am very slowly recovering from is buying things that were on super sale that did not match my style. If there is anything my mother has taught me is to be diligent about buying sale, causing me to make purchases in this fashion at very good prices that may not have fit my style. So recently, with thankfully an extremely small amount of pieces, I have been trading things off slowly for more desirable pieces. It's easier that way and I have been making my wardrobe more in tune with my classic stylings.

October 1, 2018

It's the most spookiest time of the year!!!!! So the first day of October should have me creating pretty cute horror inspired cords, today I actually did 2 as I felt the first was simply cute and spooky themed but not didn't float my boat in the middle of camp crystal lake, if you catch my meaning. The other reason is that I had used the print, though a different cut, for another prompt to be based on a book, posted here. This one I did it based on the H.P. Lovecraft story The Haunter of the Dark where our hapless character, Robert Blake, is found dead after accidentally summoning a demon by means of a crystal (which you can barely see one I used here in the coord, small and set in a ring).

I rather like that story for a few reasons such as it being staged around my home state and I can easily see the locations used in my mind, Lovecraft had a very strange and strong affinity for Providence, RI, in particular. So to get to work, I tried to again draw from the fashions of the time while using a print I thought played well with the idea of summoning and the occult. One thing I learned from this is that I should definitely make a few cravats to wear as it would be a nice switch up from my jabots and ruffles I often enjoy.

<3 Coord Rundown <3

<3 Skirt: Triple Fortune
<3 Blouse: Fan+Friend
<3 Shoes/Tights/Ring: Off brand
<3 Rosette Chain: The Bloody Tea Party
<3 Hat/Stick Pin: Antique 

October 2, 2018

I mean...I think I'm good...yeah...

I actually think I should get back into the beading style of the middle one. I haven't really done much with seed beads in quite some time but thoroughly enjoy pieces like this one in coordinates that have lower necklines.


And now I'm digging through my beading supplies....

But I am super ready for the spooky spirit and am neck deep in witch bonnet commissions, I've also have a super cute black and orange one I'm piecing together as I can for the sake of all things spoopy. So I'll be off for the evening, cheers! XOXO