Thursday, December 13, 2018

365 LLC Days 345 - 347: Of All-Time Favorite Prints, Favorite Poems, & Essance Of Personal Style

December 11, 2018

Guest appearance by Nama. so difficult...I have a lot of favorite prints and you guys know them from my dream dress post, here, and post about what pieces I'll never let go, here (which is, in truth, most of my garments). But I love all of the prints I have for different reasons, these are simply the top 3 that I really enjoy.

<3 Garden Fairy <3 

This print is one that I have been familiar with since I was a child, I think many of us have been, and is one of my favorites still because I just enjoy the imagery. I think I also had stamps of these spritely little fae as a child and they may still be floating around at my parents house. What I love about it is it has not only my favorite subjects milling about on the dress but a barrage of foliage floating around, adding to it's whimsicalness. The colors are also just right, not too harsh and not too realistic, like a bit of watercolors.

<3 Fragrant Rose Memories <3

When I look at this dress it reminds me of Victorian photo collages but with jewels, roses, cameos, and portraits, all some of my favorite things. This was the first print that I knew I would regret if I passed it up in reservations, which I have found is the case every time I see it pop up in sales around the internet. This one is still a stunner to me.

<3 Tea Time Nostalgia <3

The instance I saw this print I knew it was perfect for me, I didn't have any money and felt like it was certainly a missed opportunity. This pieces print layout is something I found I really enjoyed as the banners evenly hung out in the print while the teacups and plates cascaded over them, giving it a slightly more solid background to it. And the false brocade look was just enough even further back in the print in lighter colors. 

December 12, 2018

As we have all gotten to realize, I am going to be fickle about favorites and drown myself in too many good options. This one had me reading Der Vampire, by Eckenfelder, Leonainie, by Riley, and even re~reading I Died For Beauty, by Dickenson, that I posted about before, here; there are too many great poems to love. I figured I should at least find one to share here, I'm really not sorry it took me as long as it did to find one, I was even going through pages of the Lord of the Rings for some of those poems. ^_^

The lovely Lady Christobel,
whom her father loves so well,
what makes her in the woods so late,
a furlong from the castle gate?
She had dreams of yesternight,
of her own betrothed knight,;
and she in the midnight wood will pray
for the weal of her lover that's far away.

It's just an excerpt but Christobel by Samuel Taylor Coleridge is a very good to read poem, among the others I listed.

December 13, 2018

Truthfully, I have been pondering this coord for the last few days since setting up this prompt. I usually add all the logos and dates first so I can see and prep myself for what's in store, this time was no different and had me racing through my head and coord photos I have. It was actually frustrating because I wear several different styles and tend to be drastically all over the place, it wasn't easy going with one.

The first that did come to mind was a princess sleeve, I almost will always go with one given the option, but then it drew into question bonnets or hats and which balanced more. I definitely needed a cameo or two and a few rosettes to add on as I went. In the end I found myself staring face to face with this and thought that it more or less did. I may change this tomorrow (at least get it on a dress form finally) but for tonight I think it's going to have to fit the bill.


Today was stressful, I had a few different things go completely the ways of best laid plans and got nothing done in an orderly fashion. I think that I'll need to do straight up chamomile and try to reorient myself after all of that, definitely take a moment to redo that coord prompt photo.

Well, I have to be off and was out my teapot and cup for the day, cheers! XOXO!

Monday, December 10, 2018

365 LLC Days 342 - 344: Of Perfect Winter Holiday Meets, Fragrance On Bath Towels, &

December 8, 2018

Winter meetups can be some of the most coziest and sweetest events of the year, such as Winter ILD, ice skating meetups, and things like that. I had to think about this really because I'm such a sucker for going to a cozy little café after ice skating the hours away at a rink, it's pretty much perfect on it's own. You can't go wrong with freezing your rufflebutts off on the ice to then warm it in a nice, toasty, cute little café, with friends, sipping on tea and hot cocoa and eating delicious baked goods.

This was actually the last Lolita Valentine's meet I attended in RI and wish I could go back to. It's also been about a year since I last went skating and should really just toss my frilly self out the door with my skates.

I don't think this needs much tweeking, to be honest, I know that not everyone knows how to skate but usually people enjoy watching or like to try it out. Then if it's not really a huge draw for those who can't it still gives people the ability to go to the second location to enjoy company that isn't flying away on blades on ice.

December 9, 2018

One of my favorite things in life is flowery fragrants and I do think it's a great idea to infuse things with these scents to make them more comforting. I enjoyed the prompt for the pillows and the other things that we've done this to as well. If you don't have any respiratory issues I highly suggest doing these things every once in a while. This particular one was a gift and my favorite scent that I own, it's very light and smells of roses and is fairly refreshing.  

December 10, 2018

Here is a shot of ones that I've just recently added to a board I already have. I wont be able to decorate for a while but I HAVE PLANS! When we move I'm going to go absolutely crazy on at least the tea room/sewing room, I'm not certain what our layout is going to be so I'm keeping things open. I've also discussed this with my favorite dealer at the antique village and I've already started to pick out things I'm going to get.

This particular board has been kind of mixed with my mood board and projects board but they are all very similar. I would like to have a very romantic and flowery kind of room, something you could expect in a Victorian novel. I also want to see about getting some striped or elegant flowery wallpaper. This post has gotten me so excited I just can't seem to want to think about anything else all day, I'll just keep adding to my board I guess.


My day has been an odd one, I haven't been able to do much right now because I have to be home to wait and let someone in for a routine inspection, I can't have my sewing projects out because they will need to be in the area so I'm just sitting here typing today's prompt and the afterwards, listening to movie soundtracks. It's not often I have a day to do nothing and have to stick to very close to it, perhaps I will write more of my story and get that moving along.

Cheers! XOXO

Saturday, December 8, 2018

LBC: Create A Lolita Prompt Challenge

Over the course of my blog I have done quite a few different Lolita prompt challenges, from simple coord challenges to ones like the 365 Lifestyle Lolita Challenge. I find them fun and helpful when it comes to producing content that, I hope, can relate to other's involved in the fashion. This week on the Lolita Blog Carnival we've taken to making up our own challenges to give the blogging/vlogging/instagramming community something more to try out and have fun with.

I've been brainstorming through the week to try and figure out different or important things to add and what type of challenge I would like to make. I've definitely run the gauntlet with the ones I have tried so far. Each tend to have a lot of common prompts between them but are still fun to redo, I would like to try bringing something else to the table with mine.

<3 The Lolita Lifestyle 52 <3

<3 Share Your First Meetup Photo <3

<3 Share A Photo Of Your First Coordinate <3

<3 What Was Your Style Like When You First Joined VS Now <3

<3 Write A Short Lolita Fashion Fairytale <3

<3 Create A Coord Based On Your Favorite Historical Figure <3

<3 Take A Day Off To Enjoy A Small Packed Lunch In A New Setting <3

<3 Find An Old Hairstyle And Try It <3

<3 What Is Your Next Coveted Dress <3

<3 Craft A New Item To Go With A Piece You Don't Have A Lot Of Accessories For <3

<3 Create A Game With Lolita Fashion As The Inspiration <3

<3 Share Your 5 Most Used Garments <3

<3 Share 5 Of Your Most Glamourous Pieces <3

<3 What Is Your Favorite Print Theme <3

<3 What Is Your Favorite Cut/Main Garment <3

<3 If You Could Stop Yourself From Buying One Thing That You Regret What Would It Be <3

<3 List Your Top 5 Favorite Pieces <3

<3 Set Aside A Moment To Enjoy Beautiful Things

<3 Create A Coordinate On Your Favorite Story <3

<3 Create A Coordinate Based On The 4 Seasons <3

<3 Go On An Outing To A Museum You've Wished To Go To <3

<3 Bake A Dessert For The Week And Package It Prettily <3

<3 Favorite Coordinate That You Have Seen <3

<3 What Drew You Into The Fashion And Made You Commit To Getting Your First Garment <3

<3 What Was Your First Dream Dress <3

<3 Share A Song That You Feel Reflects Your Personal Style <3

<3 Share A Mood Board Of Your Favorite Looks <3

<3 Share The Dress That Got Away <3

<3 Make A New Decoration Piece To Put Up <3

<3 Where Your Most Prized Piece <3

<3 Plan An Outfit For A Stroll In The Park <3

<3 Share A Story That Makes You Think Of Lolita Fashion <3

<3 Share A Pic Of A Coordinate Of When You Felt The Most Beautiful <3

<3 What Things Resonate With Your Maiden Heart <3

<3 Take Photos Of A Piece You Wear Often <3

<3 Why Do You Think Certain Sub~Styles Are Dead <3

<3 Share A Garment Horror Story <3

<3 Write A Horror Story For Lolita Fashion <3

<3 Make A Halloween Inspired Accessory Or Decoration <3

<3 Create A Coordinate Based On A Ghost Story <3

<3 Write Out A Poem And Tuck It Away In A Book <3

<3 Share Memories Of  Your First Major Event <3

<3 Share Memories Of Friends You Have Met In The Fashion <3

<3 Make A Small Afternoon Tea To Enjoy <3

<3 Restart A Project You Put Down <3

<3 Where Would You Like Your Style/Wardrobe To Go In The Next Year <3

<3 Share What Types Of Events That You Would Like To Attend <3

<3 Make A Little Wishlist For The Holidays <3

<3 Craft Small Gifts For Frilly Friends <3

<3 Create A Cozy Coordinate And Do Relaxing Activities <3

<3 Make Meetup Plans For The New Year <3

<3 Reflect On The Things You Have Experienced Within The Lolita Community This Past Year <3

<3 Share Your New Year's Goals And How You Plan To Achieve Them <3

I think mine turned out to be a bit more introverted and lifestyle oriented, with a few coordinate challenges and things that could encourage more. It wasn't quite what I had imagined when I first started making things up but I think it turned out okay. I do think I started out with ones that were common to Lolita challenges for the beginning of the year but then drastically altered directions. I think that this could be done over the course of the year and have one prompt done each week. Please let me know what you think or if you are planning to do the challenge, I would love to see what you make of it! You can #TheLolitaLifestyle52 so I can check it out.

I hope that everyone finds mine interesting and would like to try it out, I had fun trying to think of things for it. I do plan to do this one on my own after I've finished with my current challenge (I'm almost finished with it and I am so incredibly baffled that I did a years worth of prompts) and would like to try out others that are made for this topic by the other writers.

Speaking of, if you would like to check out what the other members of the LBC came up with for this weeks challenge, check them out below! 

Friday, December 7, 2018

365 LLC Days 339 - 341: Of Lesser Known Fairytales, Lucky Pack Contents, & Coordinates Based On Royalty

December 5, 2018

I feel like I'm always reading different fairytales from all over the world, I don't like to read the regular fair. I was debating which story to choose and read over a few remember how some of the lesser known ones are 200000000000000% times more disturbing, though there are many of our commonly known ones that have equally disturbing variants. The other thing to consider is that the more common ones have been told across the world with major changes but still holding the key elements. Just keep in mind that fairytales were never meant to be sweet and innocent and you may fair okay.

It took a lot of sifting through but eventually I went with The Maiden From Whose Head Pearls Fell When Combing Herself. It's a fairytale of Portuguese origin and I think is quite an interesting turn of events.

A woman who was dying told her daughter to only use a special comb and towel that she gave her, while on her death bed. The girl had no reason not to, being her mothers last wish, so she did use them and discovered pearls would fall onto her head whenever she used either, both large and small pearl beads. When the girl's brother finally returned home from one of his voyages as a sailor she told him of what would happen. He was very astonished and told his sister to save all the pearls and to string them and he would sell them to a king on his voyage.

They string six swags of pearls and the brother does, indeed, sell them to a king on his journeys; however, the King made a decree that he was to bring the sister back to witness this event and then marry her or have them put to death, if it was all false. The brother was not afraid of this and took the news back to his sister and bring her back but the neighbor and her daughter get involved and they go with them too. Of course the neighbor poisons the maiden and tries to pass her own daughter off as the girl, it wouldn't be a fairy story without this twist.

I will stop there though as I'm sure you can find the story and read it in full, it's not that long and the story is interesting. It makes me want to make some pearl jewelry right now, if anything. And it reminds me that I should go and pick up more pearls for a project that I've been meaning to get done.

December 6, 2018

There are some things that I don't often check out and that is lucky packs, it's just never been my thing. With a few exceptions to the rule, usually the ones that are like this set from Atelier Pierrot, which definitely has my heart in a vice~like grip right now. It's actually extremely beautiful and elegant and I wouldn't mind going out for either color.

This one I'm not particularly fond of but it's still cute and a solid set. I think that despite being things I don't care for one way or the other, it's well balanced, the colors are nice, and, though the cuts are not drastically different, they are both cute. I say that if you are very much into sweet, swans, or meta this is a good set to get. It is just a jsk and headbow though so I would keep that in mind if you were thinking about it.

That seems to be all for the most recent lucky packs, I'm inclined to go look at more but I fear it will only cause me and my conviction pain if there are more as cute as the AtiePie one. 

December 7, 2018

I was initially thinking of making a an outfit in line with the girl who became a princess in the fairytale I picked, even starting with the same jsk because of the pearls. However, after looking at the print I started to think of a historical person that I thought would be perfect for this topic. I picked her based on the fact that she is not only royalty, as the Queen Consort to King Charles the II of England, but she also was part of the reason for the popularization of my favorite drink. TEA!

So I quickly threw the first blouse I had planned right off and exchanged it for BTSSB one and adjusted the shoulders to widen the neckline as Catherine's dresses were. I next added a rosette chain to the bust to mimic the pearls she wore on her bust and added my great grandmother's pearls, something she can often be seen wearing in her portraits.

Next thing that I added, which I was having some difficulties deciding on, was the pearl headdress, in pink and silver. The reason I went with this particular piece is because she tends to wear a lot of pearls in her hair, though in other portraits. The shoes and the tights are fairly straight forward with why I went with them, I think they match very well. This does make me very excited to go out and wear this piece soon, I think I'll take a trip to the museums next week and shirk responsibilities if I can. I think this piece will also call for a fun curly wig to go. We'll see how it turns out next week.

<3 Coord Rundown <3

<3 Jsk/Blouse: Baby The Stars Shine Bright
<3 Headdress/Rosette Chain: The Bloody Tea Party
<3 Shoes/Tights: Off brand
<3 Pearl Necklace: Antique


Be amazed that this last post is going up at the time it is now. I'm not rushing around trying to get home to finish this or fidgeting between one task or the next (though I am finished a few of my orders of The Witch's Bonnet that I have a sale going on til tomorrow) and I can put away my pot of tea that I finished earlier than I had wanted to. I had a lot more fun with the last topic than usual as it, though it is simple, it all quickly fell out of my wardrobe. It also kind of still ties in with the first story as the print and all of the accessories seem to have pearls, one piece even going in the hair.

Now I think I need to run off before I buy up the AtiePie lucky pack, cheers! XOXO

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

365 LLC Days 336 - 338: Of Ideal Tea Parties, Cozy Restaurants, & Short Letters

December 2, 2018

My world revolves around tea parties which may seem mundane or boring to many, especially those who have been in this fashion for as long as I am. I just can't seem to get enough of the food, the tea, and, during events, the dreamy coordinates, setting, and company. And within the world of this fashion there are hundreds of themes to work into a tea party event.

I think that something akin to the Princess Day event I had came up with for Day 95 would be very near perfect. I would love to host it at a boutique hotel like the Henley Park or the Granite Rose Tea Parlor. Both are elegant and atmospheric, simply one is a posh boutique hotel and the other a Victorian home converted into a tea parlor, and both have menus that are perfect.

Each table could have super cute little place cards as it wouldn't be too large an event and help servers know where any specific dietary arrangement must go. Little favors that are colorful can be placed on each plate, beautiful floral arrangements for each centerpiece, and little decorations that are easy to move and are a part of the theme can be placed around the table. The little things would be encouraged to take home but the floral arrangements would be a prize of a game for anyone who wishes to participate against their tablemates. Basically, this adds to everyone's memories but also encourages speedier clean up after.

There would be other prizes, of course, that would be from different indie brands but it would be neat to get them all in theme, if possible. Just a few so as not to overwhelm guests or be time consuming, things that are memorable for the attendees and indie brands can send post cards for attendees as well to be dispersed at the tables or in bags.

Both locations have excellent areas for photos to be taken privately and I would like to have that option for people to use it. Having places a bit out of the way of servers and attendees can still check things out. I wouldn't want to do too much with this little photo session with the exception of getting a group shot of everyone.

The one thing I notice occur at many tea parties is that most venues tend to not use the 3 tiered stands that I adore. It's not something that is necessary but I want them. It's just cute and I love the look of them and it saves space even if you have to balance mountains of scones and macaron on them. And speaking of the food and desserts, though many may disagree with me, I would like to have a more creative afternoon tea affair. Tons of locations go with the tried and true cucumber sandwiches and salmon but there are PLENTY of options that are still authentic and just as delicious. Some places that host teas as a part of a larger event are often times not equipped with staff that understand these type of menus, leaving us sometimes with jams and creams, of any sort, serving scones as desserts, or even plating cupcakes and cookies that have no business being there (not that they aren't delicious!).

If I were to get as close as possible to my ideal tea party I would like to do a few other things like musicians in the background with some attendees having time slots to play. It may seem strange to some but I love things of that nature, friends or acquaintances being able to showcase their musical abilities for a short bit. This may sound like a lot of things but some of it is not that far off from a regular tea party events.

December 3, 2018

Taken from webpage

This is tough as I don't often go out to restaurants unless it's tea related or it's dimsum. However, scrolling through the list of places is making me a bit hungry which is bad because I’ve already had supper.

The place I'm going to check out has a decent and varied menu that has a varied affair, the reviews also look good. Not only does the menu look good but the setting looks lovely and it really makes me want to take a trek out sooner rather than later.

December 4, 2018

I can never seem to write a short letter to anyone but at least with the quill pen it makes me think a bit more before spouting all over the page. It takes a bit of time to articulate what I want to say and not have it be illegible with these things, but it can look nice if I try. Hope they like it.


I am finding I'm getting more use out of this quill pen this year more than any year before. I also think I've had this tucked away for about 15 years or so. My mother picked it up in a "How to Draw..." kit and it came with 3 different nibs, I wish I kept better track of them all. 

Well it is very late, I've written my letter and gone over the other two posts, though I may be a bit too tired to proof read them properly anway...

My tea is not being any help the chamomile is soothing me to sleep and I really should be tidying everything away. Well, cheers! XOXO!

Sunday, December 2, 2018

International Lolita Day Winter Meetup

Happy International Lolita Day Winter celebrations to one and all! I hope you've been able to enjoy the celebration in fun fashion no matter if you are a lone Lolita, a part of a small group, or a large comm. It is indeed a day to enjoy your best winter attire or themed coords and run amuck, whether your meets were able to be a big to do or small and intimate.

Photo Credit DC Kawaii Style

For one of my local communities, luckily I am surrounded by 3, we celebrated with a Secret Santa exchange at a local café. Everyone (but a few people and slow poke me!) signed up to exchange with random people they were assigned by the hosts and were each given hints to what their recipient might like and a max amount. Though I wasn't sure whether I was going to be able go and didn't sign up it was very fun to see everyone open their gifts and how on point people were with gifts.

After our lunch and gift exchange we were supposed to go ice skating but due to the weather we had to change up plans to go to the museums. I did bring my skates just in case but I, as well as many others, definitely enjoyed the switch in plans. We went to one of the museums doing an exhibit on woodblock art and some of the oldest photography taken outside of the US and Europe, there were many interesting and beautiful things to see.

It was really wonderful to see some of the people I've barely had the chance to see again and to meet new ones. Everyone was super sweet and fun to hang out with we had a good time, there were also a few new faces to the fashion that were simply adorable and super nice. The hosts did an excellent job arranging things for this meet and making sure everyone was covered as we walked to our next location. I would definitely like to attend another meet hosted by the group that did this one and also be sure to get in on the Secret Santa action.

I wore the coord I had been fumbling around with for a while but felt it would be a nice piece to go with for ILD. It is definitely elegant and a beauty and, despite any reservations I have about the minor issues with this piece, it should be worn and enjoyed. I paired it with one the white cocked hat which has definitely pushed me to make a navy one. Other things were added all to be very reminiscent of the Peter Pan stories, with swords and star like brooches and charms and fairy rosettes, I wanted to really play with those themes.

<3 Coord Rundown <3 

<3 Jsk: Alice and the Pirates
<3 Hat/Fairy Rosette/Necklace: The Bloody Tea Party
<3 Tights: Hand painted
<3 Blouse: Metamorphose
<3 Shoes/Pocket watch: Off brand
<3 Starburst brooch/Sword brooch: Vintage and Antique

Hope your ILD was special!

One more thing I'd like to add is that I am doing a sale for my indie brand The Bloody Tea Party where all commissions for The Witch's Bonnet will get an automatic 20% off until the 8th of this month. All you need to do is email for your order to be started and I will send you a form to fill out.

365 LLC Days 333 - 335: Of Favorite Musical Era, Poem About The Fashion, & Winter Inspired Coords

November 29, 2018 waaaaaayyyy to difficult to pick one era. And it's not so much era of time it's era of music. Styles and genres really develop in their own little pockets of time, this has always been a thing and it will be until the end of time. And not only that but history does play a large part in the preferred styles of the era and that can be unsettling to equate. I don't know, perhaps I'm reading too into things when it comes to music and music history (it has always been something I'm fascinated with and I studied it extensively) so I wont choose one and listen to multiple eras!

I've started with things from the Baroque period, from William Byrd, Johann Christoph Rothe, to Bach, and moved on up to rock and roll. It will probably become very shuffled as that tends to happen throughout the day while I'm working on orders.

November 30, 2018

My heart still skips a beat when I open the door,
of pinks, and black, and deep red wine colors galore,
each piece is beautiful, the memories as vibraint as these pieces details.
It’s very easy, when looking at them, that my mom derails.

The Princess Effect, propelled by ribbons and lace, is stronger every day
that it’s easy to see that I won’t ever be able to walk away.
The pieces enchant me, with their flowers and their ruffles, it does you too.
I’ll never give give them up, what’s a frilly girl to do?

December 1, 2018

This is the most difficult challenge I've had to do as I don't have any wintery prints or colors in my wardrobe. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't like winter it's just that I have different preferences. So this time I went with something that I associate with winter in my mind, Peter Pan. I think of cold wintery London nights as the boy who never grew up secrets himself from window to window to listen to bedtime stories. Or older Peter Darling flying back to the house, by plane, for Christmas holiday to see Grandma Wendy at the top of those stairs, waiting for him, greeting him with her soft words of "Helly Boy." Maybe it's just me...

<3 Coord Rundown <3 

<3 Jsk/Blouse/Socks: Alice and the Pirates
<3 Bracelet/Shoes/Blue Pin/Pocketwatch: Offbrand
<3 Snowflake Pin: The Bloody Tea Party
<3 Hat: Antique


Happy International Lolita Day!!!

........I forgot to come back and hit publish...