Monday, April 23, 2018

365 LLC Days 111 - 113: Of Special Memories, Advice, & Ideal Storefronts

April 21, 2018

Today's post has me experiencing so many feels, I decided to go with a few pieces that have extremely special meanings to me. My heart just flutters from the memories I have from these pieces.

My Triple Fortune bonnet in cream, being the first one I was able to buy from them in person after missing out during the first Rufflecon. My Aatp blouse that I paired with these things happens to coordinate really well with both the jsk and the bonnt that I got with my Night Fairy Fantasia jsk when I went to Japan and got a full coord, couldn't take both in a pic really so I met things halfway. The dress....This dress has very special memories for me from my last Rufflecon. The memories behind it still make me so very happy and my heart stops for a second realizing how special this garment is to me. The last thing is the ring I've placed on the bow for the picture. It sort of goes hand in hand with the dress and are both very precious to me.

April 22, 2018

I think the best piece of advice I can give is what I kind of say sometimes like a mantra is REGRET NOTHING, BE FRILLY.

If I'm being more thoughtful to new frilly people I'd say, take your time to really get a grasp for the fashion before going for trends, you have time to develop your personal style so learning the basics before going all out is a great plan.

April 23, 2018

As everyone knows, I am pretty terrible at drawing but here you go I've worked on it a little bit throughout the day. I think it would be lovely to have cute storefront doors with heavy curtains in the window (on each end of the storefront windows now that I think of it). Not only would I like an elegant couch in the back of the store or near the register but also tea cups hanging from the ceiling. If the store front could also have neatly tended flower boxes that would be nice too. Ornate antique looking mirrors could be hung on open space throughout the store for those who want to take a peak at themselves in the mirror would be cool and the wallpaper could be something that makes the shop pop without detracting from the clothes hung up. 

Well, I need to go refresh my tea pot and get back to sewing, I'm working on one more commission and just finished another Witch Bonnet with detachable flowers and I need another cup. Cheers! XOXO

Friday, April 20, 2018

365 LLC Days 108 - 110: Of Mending, A Little Reading, & Trying To Make Things Enjoyable

April 18, 2018

So....much to my chagrin sometimes things do need a teeny bit of mending especially when you wear something so much, care is needed. And there's nothing better then getting a favorite clothing item back into tip~top shape. 

April 19, 2018

Today is a little different for me, I couldn't really get out because of all of the projects I'm working on and the weather was like that show the petticoats and bloomers weather, I didn't really want to go anywhere either. To meet the post halfway, when I found I needed a bit of a break I snuck away, with tea pot and cup in toe, and stole away with some cheese, crackers, and cookies up to the top floor of my building to this lounge area. It's a really nice shared space and I've been up maybe all of 10 times but I found it was just what I needed today and for most of the time I had it all to my self. I took one of my favorite books and just enjoyed the moment.

April 20, 2018

Sewing through flowers into anything! I highly dislike that task, luckily I have only attach the arrangements for this commission to detachable bows. What I do while I sew is listen to scary story narrations or music as it helps a ton for keeping me relaxed, that and having some nice tea at the ready.

Well, I’m off again to get myself sorted, get a new pot of tea and continue to trek on, I have so much to do and I'm feeling pumped for it. Cheers! XOXO

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

365 LLC Days 105 - 107: Of Coveted Dresses, Favorite Brand(s), & More Valentines

April 15, 2018

I'm currently coveting a few dresses but this is one I've had my eye on for a very long time, the Milky Way colorway of Night Fairy Fantasia jsk I from Btssb. Yes, I have it in the Cloudy Sky colorway and jsk II in the Dreamy Planet and Starry Night colorway, I just love this print and have no shame! I was just talking to another friend though recently and how this fashion just feels magical and it's really how it makes me feel, like a bit of magic just occurred.

April 16, 2018

As I am sure it is no surprise, I have 3 favorite brands, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Alice and the Pirates, and Triple Fortune, each piece brings a little bit of happiness to my life that no other brand seems to do. Btssb and Aatp have been the two main driving forces in my wardrobe since I began all those years ago. Both Btssb and Aatp tend to have a soft princess vibe to them that I really like. Soft and delicate but not too sweet for me unless they are indeed slapping animals on a print. It's not too often that they will release a print I will not enjoy and they have even gotten me to like a few of their sweeter prints (cough cough Kumya~chan's Trick~or~Treat and Starlight cats cough cough!) but I tend to like their more classically oriented pieces.

The cuts or prints that jump out at me on a regular basis almost always seem to be one of these 3 brands without fail. And with Triple Fortune it feels like the crowning glory to my outfits, when I feel like really topping off the magic I really enjoy adding one of my bonnets to the coordinate, it's difficult not to sometimes. I'm slowly amassing more skirts from 3F and have been enjoying my 3 bonnets hoping to score a white one or a larger black one someday. Their prints tend to be more magically focused or covered in butterflies and those are some of my favorite things. So in the end, it would seem I simply can't get enough of these 3 brands.

April 17, 2018

Ssssshhhhhhh! I wrote 3 because why not?

All I'm saying here is that two friends I almost never stop talking to on a daily basis and the other is a friend who though I wish I spoke to more but she keeps me grounded and realistic. What would I do without you guys? 

Time to put the tea pot away for me and curl up into bed, I swear I'm drinking so much chamomile tea lately I'm going to become one. Cheers! XOXO

Saturday, April 14, 2018

365 LLC Days 102 - 104: Of Flower Wishlists, Movie Suggestions, & Newest Dress Coords

April 12, 2018

Looking at this photo on my computer and I have to say I'm pretty impressed with how I got the light to hit the pages and flowers. It was all an accident.

Anywho, I grew up helping my mother in the garden and then later the greenhouse she worked in and also her florist work. I've been exposed to many flowers and have long lists of what I'd want to grow in my own personal garden should I get the chance to again. Roses of many different types are on my list, as is lavender, there are quite a few that are edible or good for tea leaves on this list while others I simply find pretty. There are a few pages but these are just two.

April 13, 2018

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! It's one of my favorite days to enjoy a little bit of extra creepy in our life (though it's true it's not any different than my usual horror story filled days, if I were to be honest). I whipped out Rosy's Night Masquerade for my daily wear and went about my business watching horror movies or listening to scary narrations as I worked on a witch bonnet commission for another customer. 

Speaking of horror movies, I did suggest these two to a two different friends for different reasons. The first was recommended to a friend researching Jekyll and Hyde in cinema and they hadn't seen or heard of the first. It's not as bad as it's been said, too many people expect Julia Roberts to always be this smiley faced woman 24/7 and people shouldn't be confused when she emotes more than happy and angsty in love. 

The second I recommended was due to just discovering that Amazon is remaking the story and so I've been talking to a few people about the original, over the last few days it's just been a film I've brought up a bit lately. I've also mentioned the book which I think is pretty good and highly suggest if anyone has a chance to read it. It is all based on an actually on a incident that is said to have occurred in the very setting of the story. I had researched a great deal of paranormal phenomenon in my childhood years and this was one of them. All in all, I highly recommend this film.

April 14, 2018

At first I was going to go back and redo a new coordinate for my new Meta piece until I realized I had only just scored this piece! It has been on my dream dress tier wishlist for a while now. It escape me due to poor judgment when it first came out and I had a chance to snag it but I finally found it and at an amazing price for even how much it goes for now. Though it is a nursery rhyme it reminds me of one of my favorite manga stories Godchild when the main character is trying to solve a crime where the children sing the rhyme while playing a game.

At first I was going to pair it with a regency style bonnet with a veil but I thought this one would suit it and I haven't taken it out much recently. I tried to pick up on the gold tones that are actually in the dress and it's ribbon with the gold and black mourning jewelry I added and the Violet Fane Victorian Paranormal Society pin. Everything seemed to play into each other when I threw this coord together and I honestly can't wait to throw it on for some special meet up soon.

I've seemingly played into a lot of darker hues these last few days with horror movie suggestions, gloomy themed cords that play into it's written rhyme, and a few flowers that may be a bit poisonous on my floral wishlist, I think it best to call it a night. Cheers! XOXO

Friday, April 13, 2018

LBC: Spring Meet~Up Ideas

Spring is not only a time for the dormant flora and fauna to sprout back into the world but it seems to be the same for Lolita fashion meet ups. There tend to be many that spring up out of no where through many comms actually as the winter months tend to be a bit harder for many to get out. To aid in this new activity we've decided to have come up with a few ideas for this weeks prompt for the Lolita Blog Carnival.

<# Flower Pressing & Art Meets<#

I keep hoping to host a flower pressing meet and have plans to share photos of how to craft a very own flower press kit or ask people to bring books if they are not savvy with tools. It could be made simple enough with that and have everyone asked to bring whichever is easiest and go about picking flowers without major risk of getting dye on clothes like one could from picking berries. And later on in the meet when everyone is ready to sit down we could roll out blankets and drawer what we see in the fields, and it's easy going enough to enjoy a bit of food. 

There are farms that do flower picking so it's not as strange or difficult to find a place that allows it and sometimes there are large events for such things. I believe there is one for lavender coming up soon and I think it would be lovely to have a meet planned for it. And to add to make it a bit easier would be to have a supply of small cute paper books and pencils for people to make their pressings in and label the pages.

<#A Day Of Croquet<#

Having a large croquet match in a park would be quite a fun meet, if there is enough interest I would like to have a few teams to match people off of. At the end of the game the winners could be awarded rosettes or some sort of prize for their victory, it could be quite a fun day.

<#Hiking Through A Scenic State Park<#

There is an extremely lovely park near my apartments that would make for a lovely day hike and I think taking one wouldn't be too much for a Lolita meet. A state park can hold many hidden gems and to be able to casually stroll through and enjoy Spring in such a way would be fun, the temperature is usually just about right during spring for such a thing. Some parks also have certain services that could add to the meet up like horseback riding or boat rides. 

<#Kite Flying<#

Easy, breezy, and very little fuss. The only thing one would have to do is borrow or make a kite for the meet and bring a blanket on which to congregate. If one wishes to go about and have a kite making group project having easy and no mess materials supplied for everyone to use could make for a bit of extra fun. If it seems like a bit too much to do for a kite flying day and everyone wishes to keep it low~key a couple of links would be easy enough to share as to where to find them or how to make simple ones.


Another simple meet, one which I will be hosting this weekend, is an antiquing meet up. We will be hopping around a few different stores that are in the same area and enjoying a bit of everything along our way. The great thing about this is that some antique shops are many different vendors and also do small events like farmer's markets on the weekend. We plan to end our outing with a small picnic at the end of the road where there is a lovely little park with a beautiful Victorian house is and shall probably take many a picture.

So that's really it from me, I'm not sure what else I would come up with for Spring meet ideas but I would enjoy every single one of these. If you wish to read more you can always hop around through the links below and see what everyone else came up with for this weeks prompt.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

365 LLC Days 99 - 101: Of Wearing Bows, Photography Basics, & Drawings

April 9, 2018

I debated far more then necessary for what to wear today but I went with something that fit my mood, was comfy, and had a bow or two on it. Even the AP blouse had quite a few bows, including the ribbon bow which is attached with buttons to the collar so you can remove it if you want. I made certain to take a pic of the bodice area but hadn't taken any of the hem where there are more bows or my barret I stuck one on because I was carried away by work.   

April 10, 2018

Wooo! This is day 100! I can’t believe I got this far!

Scrolling through a few pages and seeing basics on learning about higher end cameras brings me back to listening to my mom talk about her cameras. She would say bits about the camera’s aperture and the color balance, things like that. What I figured would be good to focus on today though, as I do not have such a nice and cool camera, was photo composition. And what better way to play with that then to go take photos in a pile of flowers?

As Spring doesn’t seem to be working in the area I am and we just have mostly sprouts I took advantage of the flowers section of Michael’s while picking up pieces for a commission I’m working on, it was fun to apply what I was learning here. Well what really happened was I was trying to find dark red/wine colored roses and next to it were flowers that I felt really matched my dress well, so that happened.

With this particular pic I tried to fill the frame and take the rule of thirds into consideration, I know that most times we try to get full coord shots but I didn't think to bring a buddy or selfie stick with me and so I tried to balance what I could fit. The only other thing I really tried to be mindful of, since these are all fake flowers, were all of the tags and keeping them from being seen. Regardless of some little tag flubs this was fun and if you get a chance to play in the flowers I say go for it. In a pinch the florals section does work out.

April 11, 2018

Alright, so now I am letting everyone in on a little secret of mine, not the fact that I'm not a very good artist, we all know that, but this is the original artwork I made for The Homunculi print. It took me quite a bit of time to get this done by hand and then maybe three times as long to redraw it while learning photoshop. After all that I've learned from the experience and the first printing, and subsequent work on my second print, I'm going back and reworking a few things to include all of my symbols I didn't use before (because now I am not working with a fashion show deadline). 

So there you have it, a photo of something I drew that I am proud of and wish to share with the world. This is day 101 and I can't believe I've stuck it out this long. I do think it helped making these posts 3 at a time and gives me the chance to go back and edit previous days, not as much pressure.

I do have to get back to work right now, I think it's time to change out of frilly day clothes into some frilly pjs and maybe refresh my tea pot just a bit to help along with the work before calling it a night. I've had so much going on over the last few days with quite a few commissions, print work, shipping, but I feel pretty good and not so tired. Let's see what the next few days brings!

Cheers! XOXO

Sunday, April 8, 2018

365 LLC Days 96 - 98: Of Short Letters, Meal Spaces, & Smelling The Flowers

April 6, 2018

As luck would have it I had to write back to a penpal of mine, just found I had gotten a bit of mail from a personal friend as opposed to business or bills. It was nice to end the day with a little something to write, though it wasn't quite short.

April 7, 2018

Okay, this isn't really an actual meal, per se, but I did have this at breakfast after I had squared everything away and decided to work out a bit more of my new print. And to be honest, there is nothing wrong about cheese, left over bread, strawberries, grapes, and tea for breakfast because I am an adult, a frilly one at that.

Though I often have tea time here at this counter with guests it hardly gets used for meals aside from it. I usually hold all dinner elsewhere and my own tea time on the shelf near my sewing table. I also don't often eat breakfast because I'm always running around doing a zillion things, so it wasn't just a different space.

April 8, 2018

In all honesty, the weather has been extremely up and down lately so Spring is having some technical issues. At least I could find some sprouts and things like this that show the flowers are trying to get through. I'm hoping there will be a bit more growth going on over the next few weeks, this coming weekend I had planned that random antiquing meet up and I'm hoping things seem a bit more lively by then.

Anywho, that's all she wrote for now, I'm about to go pour myself one or two more cups of tea while I read some more Frankenstein before nodding off to sleep. Cheers! XOXO