Saturday, November 5, 2011

(Sparkle! Sparkle!)The Dream Dress Effect(Sparkle! Sparkle!)

If there is one thing I have learned through lolita it is I love to drool over the dresses that I may never even see in person. I know that quite a few of us lolis do. *^_^*

It only takes a computer or a magazine and I can sit for hours just browsing. It doesn't take very much to please me and when I do get a dress, it's overwhelming! It's feels like my brain, heart, and lungs all stop at the exact same moment and I feel like I've died and gone to loli heaven. On two occasions I have even gotten choked up. (Ah dream dress moments...)

There are many ways to attain an article of lolita clothing; second~hand, vintage, brand websites, hand~made, cons, and when you find one you love, you can't help but want to wear it all the time, it's so exciting!

Okay so all I really want to think about is the dream dress effect. It's been on my mind and every time I try to think of something it just pops right back up again.

 You know you've got it when you feel all sparkly and fuzzy after the click of your mouse. You just get that euphoric feeling like everything is going right in the world and like the crocodile want to touch it.

Every lolita has their own dream dress and it's always described as such. For some, it only happens once, and for others it can happen every so often, it truly depends on what type of person you are, and your tastes of course.

My dream dress? I never thought I would really have one, I have my own tastes and I loved different prints and styles for different reasons, but I wouldn't really consider any a dream dress. That is until I saw the Night Fairy Fantasia print jsk from Alice and The Pirates.

I had jumped on the computer and wanted to browse me some lolita when I went to check out The Tokyo Rebel blog and it just happened to be the day that Tokyo Rebel and Baby The Stars Shine Bright posted the reserve post for the series. I felt everything around me go quiet and I felt the exact moment my heart, lungs, and brain just stop all at once. I wanted the dress so bad!

I actually turned down the purchase when my ever loving boyfriend said I could purchase the jsk and even suggested a colorway that I should go for. I felt I had shot myself in the foot when I did that...but I knew it was the responsible thing to do. (It's a lot-a money-honey!)

We had been saving up for nearly three years at that point to go to Japan, and I thought that making such a purchase would be a hindrance, despite having reached our savings goal. I wanted to be responsible and I had made my decision and that was that. I just wasn't sure if I'd even ever see the dress in person and I was honestly sad about it. I felt like such a git too! Never in my life have I been so sad to be more responsible, but I digress...I mean we were going to Japan, how greedy could I possibly be to get an expensive dress when we could be saving up extra for something to do together?

Don't worry ladies and gents, this story actually has a very happy ending (not that type of "happy ending" you perv!)

To be continued...