Saturday, February 11, 2012

30 Day Lolita Meme: Day Three

Day Three: Ten Things I Hate About Lolita

I don't mean to sound like ranting but these things just kind of stink...

1) The Bullying and Bashing. I really hate the bashing that happens a lot from other fellow lolita and from people who dress normal. I went through a lot of that in elementery school til about high school, and though I don't usually get picked on anymore, it still makes me mad. I just walk away now, I get a little too mad for my liking, and I think it's from when I was younger and bullied. I do make it a point to just hold my head high and ignore them, people who bully aren't worth my time and I believe that my time is worth being spent elsewhere.

2) Brand Sizing. I'm not tall and I'm not fat but I have a large enough chest that sometimes brand pieces without shirring in the back don't fit. I have had to pass up a few really lovely pieces due to this but not many, thankfully, but I hate it when I get my awesome new dress and it doesn't quite fit. Like I've said before, I'm not fat, my waist is small enough for Mary Magdelane without shirring, my bust is a few inches a different story.

3) Pricing! I know I'm not the only one but the prices on brand and some non-brands kill me! I don't mind having to save up all my extra spending for a used or new brand piece, but it just amazes me. I also hate when someone tries to sell their already second(or third) hand brand for more then they paid for it...Making a lot of my own pieces I do know how much materials cost but it's sometimes a little too astronomical for me.

4) The State of the Loli. I have received a piece or two from people who have sent me a purchase in a pretty sad state. When there is an obvious stain on things, or a not so obvious stain in a pretty obvious spot, I think the seller needs to adjust their pricing and state it in the selling post, not after. I'm not afraid to say I found it and I'm not afraid of asking for a refund or opening a claim if I have too.

5) Being Called Little Bo Peep. Do I look like I herd sheep? It would be pretty cool to herd sheep, but seriously?! I know it kind of goes with the territory but I still get a little agravaited when someone goes and bleets at me with the name.

6) Prints Bleeding. I haven't had this happen to me, and I take care to ensure it never does. I just don't like that I pay so much for top notch brand and if I get rained on I have to fear my beautiful clothes will bleed the print.

7) When Bloomers Look Like Diapers. I think bloomers can be beautiful, pretty, well made, sexy even (think victorian pin~up), but when bloomers just look like diapers it kind of ruins it. Bloomers should be worn, they keep us decent and they should be really pretty, but the diaper look just kills it and makes it look ugly.

8) Looking for Blouses. Okay, to make clear what I mean, blouses can be found off~brand and lovely but finding them is a pain. It's also a pain sometimes to try and get a brand blouse for a good price, but looking outside of sales comms is difficult and doesn't always work.

9) Messy Hair and Messy Make~Up. I don't usually wear make~up and I don't always wear wigs with Lolita, but I try to take care of both even out of Lolita. I know it's difficult to keep them perfect, no one is asking anyone too, but you put on a lovely coord and yet you look like a mess...why go through the effort of putting everything else on perfect if you are going to run around like a slob? I don't think you always need to wear make~up just keep your face clean. And as for hair, it doesn't need an incredible do for loli, just brush it and keep it neat.

10) (This one is more a lol than a hate) When I Can't Unsee A Bad Image In Dress~Work. There have been a few dresses that make me giggle at them instead of wanting to own them, they usually get posted to wtf_burando on lj. I won't say anymore, if you are just like me and can't unsee something once introduced, I don't want to ruin it for you...but if you want to peek for yourself just go to wtf_burando.

So that's it for Day Three for me, What are yours? Don't hesitate to comment and tell me ^_^

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