Thursday, February 16, 2012

30 Day Lolita Meme: Day Eight

Day Eight: Ten Songs That Inspire You For Lolita.

This section is probably my favorite because music is such a huge part of my life. I've took lessons for piano since I was about nine or ten years old I think, though I was never any good at it, but it was a gateway for flute and violin as well. I don't do much outside of my own home with any of it, but I do dance, I work as a choreographer and it is extremely rewarding. As for my taste in music, it goes any which way that I happen to fall into. I like different styles and songs from a bunch of different continents in different languages and time periods.
1)♥The Dresden Dolls♥Girl Anachronism♥ Probably heard this around the time I started getting really into Lolita and before I dressed Loli I can't remember how I dressed, but it wasn't normal! lol I liked my clothes then too, but Lolita has definitely taken over my fashion sense, so it was definitely my transformation song and anachronistic at that.
2)♡Tsukiko Amano♡Koe♡ This song is beautiful and very touching, I think it fits into the aesthetics of Lolita with the feel from the lyrics and sounds. I have loved this song from the day I heard it, it just has this awesome pull. I suggest checking out all her songs.
3)♥Wonderland The Musical♥The Mad Tea Party♥ I love this song! It makes me think Lolita with all the crazy meets we have that usually involve a tea party. For us little Rhody Lolis we definitely enjoy our mad tea parties #^_^#

4)♡Wonderland The Musical♡The Mad Hatter♡ Okay, so I love this musical lol, it's got really great songs and they all have to do with Alice in Wonderland in a revamped style, it really makes me giggle, especially the White Knight song. However, an inspiration to me in Lolita is the Mad Hatter, trust's not as you remember. Check the video above for both songs.♡
5)♥Tommy Heavenly6♥Paper Moon♥ It's a pretty good song, makes me think it's got a little punk/sweet Loli vibe to it which is nice. Other fun songs from her would be Heavy Starry Chain and Gothic Pink, both definitely have a Gothic feel.
6)♡Maaya Sakamoto♡Magic Number♡ I actually stumbled on this one through another Lolita's meme when I wanted to see what everyone else had that made the think Loli and I actually got hooked ^_^. It's cute, and very light~hearted and I like it, it makes me think of sweet or even classic would fit in with this song.
7)♥S.H.E.♥Zen Me Ban♥ This song actually makes me think of all the stereotypical Lolita boyfriend stuff, but more so when a Loli thinks a guy wont notice them because all the attention from the "cuter" girls. Not saying anyone is or isn't cute but Lolita has a lot of girls thinking they aren't sexy enough to catch the eye of the one the like. Other than that, I just love this song, it's fun and I get caught singing it all the time.
8)♡Jay Chou♡Princess Syndrome♡ I have loved this song since I heard it, but it is so not Jay Chou's usual style of music, but he is super talented and does write the lyrics and music and plays like a zillion instruments and dances. I got to see him when he came to Mohegan with my boyfriend and his family which was really fun. This song, for obvious reasons, is just OTT sweet and, for me, this song is special to me the first two guys who do all those goofy things in the mv actually look like my boyfriend, I was laughing so hard! I had to ask if he went to China and hung out with some other Lolita girls who weren't me.
9)♥Fredric Chopin♥Nocturne in Csharp Minor (OP 20)♥ Such a reflective piece. Soft and gentle and a little melancholy. It's like a lovely picnic  day with the breeze flowing and blowing the grass  lazily. This is my favorite piece I have played in piano and have always loved it. You can't ever go wrong with Chopin.
10)♡Alice Nine♡The Beautiful Name♡ It just feels so good to walk out the door and hear this song pop up on my play list, it always makes me feel ready for anything, I just have to feel happy when I hear it. When I first watched the concert of this (it's at the end of Graced By A Beautiful Day in case you're interested) it was the first time hearing the song and I just couldn't stop moving.

So that's it for ten of my Lolita inspiration in music, I hope you get to watch the videos and enjoy them as much as I do.

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