Monday, February 13, 2012

30 Day Lolita Meme: Day Five

Day Five: Ten Things From Your Wishlist

1) Night Fairy Fantasia Jsk II in any colorway.

Starry Night Colorway

I know I have the other version, and it's very special to me, but I just think this series is really pretty.

2) Emily Temple Cute Umbrell OP. I definitely think this one is cute and lovely.
 3) Baby The Stars Shine Bright Halloween Underbust JSK. I like both versions really but I have plans for this one...It's also one of the first dresses that I REALLY started to REALLY want in Lolita.
 4) Alice And The Pirates Kuronosuke JSK. I believe this is one of those "impossible dream" jsks I know a lot of people like this one.
 5) Baby The Stars Shing Bright Moon Princess JSK. I love in both colorways.
 6) Angelic Pretty Star Night Theatre. This dress is so vibrant and stricking, I would have no problem buying this if I ever got a chance at a good price.
 7) Mary Magdalene Anne~Marie JSK. So lovely, I can't stand it, I love the pleats and ruffle combo.
 8) Moi~Meme~Moitie Dot Puff Sleeve OP. It's absolutely lovely and I would love to own this piece.

 9) Baby The Stars Shine Bright Alice Fun Faire JSK. I just think the print is so cool.
 10) Alice And The Pirates Trump Queen JSK. When I went to Japan I bought the Night Fairy Fantasia jsk at the Alice boutique in Shinjuku's Marui OIOI, the sales woman wore this and I definitely had to add it to my list of wants, it was the blue and red one though...

I'd love to know what your favorites are too, please don't hesitate to comment^_^

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