Sunday, February 12, 2012

30 Day Lolita Meme: Day Four

Day Four: Ten Different Kinds of Food I Like.

1) Mangos...I could go eat one at any time. Fruist in general, I could eat them all day, but mangos are my favorite for sure

2) Curry! My boyfriend and I had tried some similar to the curry in this picture in Ueno, Japan. I'm a fan of all different kinds of curry parents think I'm weird...
The duck feels the same way about the curry.

3) My Boyfriend's Cooking. He is magical when it comes to cooking and he always tries to make something I will enjoy. ^_^ <3 We eat tons of veggies and rice and fruits and some meat and he uses very small amounts of oil which makes me very happy. He usually cooks what he knows with a little twist and he is very into asian cooking (He grew up in Hong Kong and even lived in Japan, so not a surprise).

4) Cold Noodles. Okay, I never had this until we went to Japan and I tried everything I could without hesitation, I'm so glad I took a chance on cold noodles. A nice, healthy dish for summer days. The portion is huge too, and the lady who was sitting next to me (see had to way about 10 lbs) had the same thing as me and beasted it!
It was like a show and dinner while watching them make this.

5) My Mom's Chicken Noodle Soup. Comfort food for sure ^_^. She doesn't use noodles all the time, sometimes there is penne or farfelli or what ever macoroni we have.

6) I am uncertain as to what this dish is but...this:
If you know what this is, please, let me know!
Is freak'en awesome!!! Had it in Japan and, yes, yummy.

7) Crepes. Another thing I tried in Japan. I know I could have had them in the US but I never thought to try them til my boyfriend bought me one. This one to be exact:

Yeah the yellow thing in the crepe...that's a cheesecake

It has fresh strawberries, a cheescake slice, whip cream, and strawberry sauce...go ahead drool, you know you want one now. My boyfriend had, as I stated earlier, lived in Japan (on the base in Yokusuka with that duck with the curry lol) and he said the first thing he did was go to Tokyo Tower and buy a crepe under the tower so he and I did the same was very sweet to share the memory there.

8) Hot Chocolate Cupcakes. If you are ever in the Providence, RI area and you go to the Duck and Bunny on Wickendon street just ask for one, you wont be expecting it or disappointed. (I'm going to look up a recipe, if it tastes as good as the Duck and Bunny's I'll share.)

9) Coconut Milk Buns. They are sooooooo good! I can't even describe them other than being awesome! If you ever get a chance to have a sweet little snack, try them.

They look like this, but usually no strips.
10) Kimchi Jjigae! Oh how I love kimchi and a good kimchi jjigae, absolutely another comfort food. The brothe is just spicy enough, but not overly so, and there is plenty of things in it. Get a small bowl of rice on the side and it's perfect. I love to get a spoonful of the rice and actually mix it with some of the brothe...don't tell anyone. lol

That's it for my list of things I like to eat, there are tons more of course, but I can only write ten. I am now hungry and it doesn't help talking about food, especially when I don't have these things on hand...What are some of your favorite foods to eat?

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