Friday, February 17, 2012

30 Day Lolita Meme: Day Nine

Day Nine: Ten Things You Will Never Do In Lolita.

I think mine are mostly the same as what everyone else would NOT do in their Loli, I could be wrong though...
1) Clubbing. I don't go clubbing, and I'm old enough too, but if I did that is one of the worst places to go Loli to. You get all sweaty and you dance the night away and sweaty...yeah, I don't think I could. I'm definitely a dance the night away person so I know I'd sweat, other no factors are drunk people who don't pay attention and slosh drinks on you.

2) Most Concerts. Not unlike a club, you dance, you sweat, you get spilled on by the drunk man who tries to pass by...To me it's just not worth it. I mean if I'm going to a really awesome dream concert where Loli is encouraged, I'm wearing hand~mades I know how to wash and know wont have print damage if I get something spilled on me. Another concert type that would be a maybe is the kind I've been to in Mohegan Sun, they have many seats and tons of space. Classic music concerts are a go, no risks there.

3) Job Interview. This is a must for anyone looking to be hired in most US offerings, we aren't lucky enough to have a Baby the Stars Shine Bright or Black Piece Now down the street unless you live in San Fran or New York.

4) Wedding. In a wedding the focus is the bride, not you (unless you are the bride then Loli it up!!!!) and unfortunately it would be rude to wear most coords to one. That's just my opinion though, if you really wish to wear it, I would ask the bride if it's okay.

5) Airplanes. Comfort on a plane is so very important. You only get so much space and you can't really get up and walk around. I know some want to enter The Land of Lolita dressed to the nines in full out brand or Loli, trust me I know, but it's just a bad idea(15 hours!!!!). Even small flights are probably not a good idea.

6) Funeral. It's a time of mourning a loss of a loved one, I don't think I could unless I knew the individual would have wanted it that way...

7) Exercise. Okay, this should be a given. I do want to make Loli exercise clothing but it would have to be right and not half done. I don't exercise outside of my house, so I can dress how I want, but I would only do it if I can make it practical.

8) Camping. This is a no brainer, I mean come on!

9) Water Sports....I love the water and the beach but...why?

10) Emergency Rooms. I don't think I mind the doctosr so much, I am used to quick changes for when I do theatre so that's never bothered me. Emergencies are different, you throw on the closest thing that counts as pants if your at home lounging in pjs, if you aren't already fully dressed. (Fact: two~thirds of emergencies happen after work hours so you are either already out or at home relaxing)

I hope everyone is doing well today, feel free to comment.
If you've done your 30 Day Lolita Meme day nine, SHARE! I'd love to see yours too ^_^

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