Wednesday, February 8, 2012

30 Day Lolita Meme: Day One

Day One: Ten Things About My Lolita Bubble

Okidoki, I am taking the dive, here's to 30 days of Lolita induced zaniness!

1) I'm really an every Lolita style kind of girl, I love it all, classic, sweet, gothic, pirate, mori, and punk. I try to have my wardrobe as well rounded but I haven't tried any of the OTT styles but I'm always trying to imagine new coords. I would like to be a fusion loli!

2) I LOVE everything about Lolita! The wigs, the regular hair, the prints, the color ways, the lifestylers, the creativity, the sewing, the fabric, the petticoats, bloomers, gloves, hats, headdresses...I could go on and on about the basics, but I also love the people in it. Each person in my local comm has been lovely to meet and we have definitely shared many wonderful experiences I will cherish.

3) Sewing is definitely a big part of my Lolita bubble. With Lolita I am learning how to better my seamstress abilities. I love the look of all the different Lolita types, and without the ability to procure all the wonderful things, I decided to further my near none~existent sewing abilities and try to replicate the different styles. I have made a few dresses since I started and have been fairly pleased with my growth as a competent seamstress. I think sewing can be a wonderful hobby that Lolita inspired me to improve it.

4) Lolita pen pals. I enjoy corresponding and bonding with people all over the world and I love to be frilly about it. It's going back to roots, being able to find someone that, despite the immense distance, you still can reach out and find someone you may never have actually met, but you are still able to reach and share something special with that person. Having a Lolita friend to correspond with is a whole other feat in itself

5) Teas and baking! I fall right into the stereotype we have about going to little shops and getting tea and baked goods. Even before Lolita, I have always loved to while away the hours in a shop (or library even) and daydream and write while enjoying a nice hot cup of tea and home~made treats.

6) Recently I've been searching high and low for Lolita blogs to browse. I love being able to share and see things other people share through blogs. I often find neat and interesting things to make or wear through a lot of them. It's a lot of fun for me to just be able to check out what other people do and go on from there with my own ideas.

7) Music, History, Literature, and Art are great influence for me in my lolita bubble, they give me ideas and set my mood for pieces or coordinates I want to prepare. If I'm reading about a fictional figure I may think of coordinating around the atmosphere of that person and come out with something unique. I also like to look at fashion from different times and experiment with the cuts of a dress from the 1880s and try to keep the skirts cupcake instead of A-line, there really is so much to pull from in history. When musically inclined coords pop in my head it can also be quite a trip. ^_^

8) My lolita friends are awesome! They are from all different backgrounds and occupations and nationalities, and with all our differences, even the difference in our Lolita fashion tastes, I still find them awesome. I even found how we all met to be awesome. It was chance really, I put out a feeler post on our old defunct community and someone actually replied after a few months, that person ran into another Loli at random and another two girls ran into me. We have a good group now and we are almost always planing some new interesting meet and I am glad to actually have pretty cool Lolita friends.

9) I love searching through antiques! I usually go to a particular shop in Warren, RI, called The Lady Next Door and her store is filed near the brim with all sorts of awesome tickets and treasures that you usually don't get to find. It is so nice to just hunt though the store and decide what bonnet or blouse matches which coord best and then walk down the street and get a classic coffee cabinet from an actual pharmacy fountain that makes their own cola.

10) Atmosphere is essential to a good lolita bubble for me. I luck out where I live and can stroll the streets that authors, Edgar Allan Poe, Sarah Helen Whitman, and H.P. Lovecraft lived and roamed themselves. Rhode Island has many interesting stories to show with some pretty amazing architecture. There is The Archade, one of the first malls in the US, the Newport mansions, the summer homes to the rich of New York, like the Vanderbilts. Being able to have access to these amazing places almost daily, I believe, is important to my Lolita bubble.

I had fun writing this one up and I'd love to hear what you have to say, feel free to comment!

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