Wednesday, February 15, 2012

30 Day Lolita Meme: Day Seven

Day Seven: Ten People Who Inspire Your Lolita Style.

This one was really difficult for me, I got stuck into thinking other Lolita specifically, then I realized that the title didn't mean "Ten Lolita"...So these are the ten People who more or less inspire my style.

1)♥Misako Aoki♥ She's cute and very nice from what I've seen and seeing her in street snaps wearing what she would choose shows me she has a very good eye, I like her style a lot and although she wears mainly sweet, it seems gentle. I would like to have the same gentle look and she inspires me to wear what I want and not catorgorize into sweet or goth etc (not Emily Temple Cute although I am growing very fond of that brand^_^)

2)♡Pixie_Late♡ Another Lolita cutie! I think she puts her coordinates together very well and a lot of her things she has are definitely what I would like in my wardrobe. 

3)♥Herajika♥ Oh my goodness, I love her little handmade teacup hats! Alright, not just that, but her hats are awesome, I remember stumbling over just a page one night (through google I guess) and just clicking away to check out her next awesome coordinate. Very creative and very nice.

4)♡Vanilla Blitz♡ What can I say, sweet, stylish, and one heck of a Loli. I haven't seen her on the D_L lately but the last time I saw her she was out~loli-ing just about everyone I knew.

5)♥Dismal_Carnival♥ One of the best theme coords for Harry Potter came from her and I think she definitely does a killer Bellatrix inspired coord. Really nice and has really nice coords, I would like to have her eye when it comes to taking classical and making them a bit darker.

6)♡Dinah♡ You know, Dinah...from the manga Bizenghast...I love her outfits! I totally would love to Loli~fy her duds and make them my own. I'm very certain many would do the same.

7)♥Katzixx♥ She has some pretty fancy coordination skills, whether in gothic or classic styled lolita, really any kind of style she tries. She has the spunk to pull it off, I'm not even a big piercing person but she definitely makes them work for her and Loli, she just makes it all look great!

8)♡Fanny Price♡ Not your average woman at all as you would know if you've read Jane Austen's Mansfield Park. She is brilliant and absolutely stunning in her wit, as a woman I would aspire to keep myself as well~rounded as she. I know I am not smart, no matter how much I would like to be, but I think of her when I wish to remember due dilligience, and progress in anything. Even though she isn't a Lolita, even remotely, her style, both clothing wise and wit wise, definitely inpires me.

9)♥CuteDeer or Bathina Cute Lou♥ Even though I don't understand a lick or German, this girl always posts something on her blog that makes me have to look. She is very talented and does know what goes together to make a person go "whoa!" I like her newest coord in particular, she just posted on her blog, go check it out:

10)♡Crafty Lolis♡ The best place for inspiration is from the crafty Loli where ever they can be found, posting the pics of their finished jsks or blouses and such. It may never be a full coordinate that they post but I can take a bit from what is there and try to make and grow it, adding something that may go well with it.

That was really hard! I wanted to post with pictures, I will definitely do that in future posts with coords of my own or projects.

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