Tuesday, February 14, 2012

30 Day Lolita Meme: Day Six

Day Six: Ten Things You Can’t Live Without In Lolita.

1)♥Creativity♥ I think this is very important in Lolita otherwise we might all just look like cookie cut~out dolls. I love seeing something different and unique make something already cute or elegant all the more so due to a little creativity.

2)♡Blouses♡ I love them in Loli in all sorts of styles, I don't know if I could do Lolita without a good blouse. I don't like my underarms and these lovely little pieces cover up most of my arm.

3)♥Headwear♥ Bows, bangles, antique hats,  headbands, flowers, cannotiers...they're all so lovely, I don't know what I'd do if this style didn't have them. I don't leave my house in Loli without something in my hair, I find it a delicate, and sweet little reminder of women throughout history who have also wore them.

4)♡Mary~Janes♡ Ever since I was little I have always loved the look of the mary~jane. They are comfy and cute and have many different styles now that make them even cuter! They go with my regular clothes I wear when I go somewhere with my boyfriend and they are so easy to coordinate with Lolita, how can you go with a nice pair of mjs?

5)♥Thrift and Antique Stores♥ It is so much fun to go on a Lolita thrift/antique mission especially with friends, no matter what their styles. There is so many awesome things that one can find for Lolita, recently I found this tri~corn 1940s ladies hat which is perfect for a few of my more classic or Gothic coords.

6)♡Legwear♡ I love OTKs but I also love stockings so it would be hard to choose one. I don't usually like wearing ankle socks in Lolita, I have many scars on my legs from my childhood, I was a big time tomboy who rough~housed all the time. OTKs are really nice and I love brand socks although I only own one pair of brand socks...

7)♥Bloomers♥ I believe in all of Lolita this is the one article I couldn't go without. Honestly, the wind blows and all of a sudden a group of Loli expose all their business to the public...O.o I think it also gives the wrong idea if a Lolita (girl or guy) goes running around without bloomers. I mean, if you know it's not going to be windy and you aren't going to climb anything and you prefer to go Loli~commando be my guest, but bloomers make the world a better place in my opinion.

8)♡Lolita Magazines♡ I love being able to browse Lolita magazines, it's so much fun and easy to carry around a copy anywhere. I could read them over and over and not get bored and it makes going on the bus a much more tolerable experience. Looking at all the Loli, I can think what I would like to do next for a coord or for sewing.

9)♥My Sewing Machince♥ Definitely couldn't live without my Singer, it has been so nice to just start a sewing project and be able to go to a nice, working, machine. Without this beauty I think I would go bonkers, I can hand~sew and I do every once in a while or when necessary, but I prefer the machine, makes projects run smoother.

10)♡Inspioring Lolita Friends♡ It is wonderful to actually have Lolita friends. So different, talented, and honest, they keep me grounded and help me to be a better person as friends should and help me be, I only hope I can be the same to them. I love being able to go to tea with them and just talk away the hours or plan out new meets. I am very gifted that they accept me.

This one was fairly easy to choose for me, I have a lot of things I LIKE in Lolita, but not a whole lot that I always have to use constantly. What about you? Anything you absolutely must have in your Loli?

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