Friday, February 10, 2012

30 Day Lolita Meme: Day Two

Day Two: Ten Things I Love About Lolita

1) ♥Jumperskirts♥ The JSK would have to be my number one favorite article of clothing in Lolita, there is just so many things you can do with them coordinate wise and in sewing I have a lot of fun constructing them.

2) <3Wristcuffs<3 In all honesty, I love wristcuffs, especially unique ones that aren't normal for lolita and normal shirt cuffs. I have only one pair, unfortunately, but I have been going through several sewing projects and plan on sneaking a wristcuffs project in somewhere. I do believe in matching the style of wristcuff to the a certain part of the dress, I like them to match and love the way they look. Let's get creative with wristcuffs!

3)♥Handmade Pieces♥ I definitely love my handmades. It is an on~going process to learn the best way to sew or craft an article but it is worth it and I learn as I go. There are many pieces I've seen from many talented ladies and gents that have definitely struck my fancy as much as brand, and I see nothing wrong with being creative. I love the feeling when I've finished a piece and believe I've progressed in my skills, I can see it in my work.

4)<3Different Laces<3 If there is one thing I've learned in lolita it's that there is more than that general store bought mess that is passed off as lace. I hadn't really thought about laces before lolita, nor did I try to really experiment with laces prior, but lolita has opened a door to me and I never want to go back! So many lovely types and styles....I want to find a teacup print lace for a Alice jsk I'm working on. (I know they exsist but getting my hands on one is impossible)

5)♥Photoshoots♥ Okay, I hate getting my picture taken but at the same time....I love getting my picture taken...I know that's kind of crazy but I like to do really cool photoshoots or have my picture taken in an interesting way but I don't like seeing myself in the picture. I am so not photogenic but I do have fun taking pictures in fun ways. Example: I went to a apple picking meet in August and I was up in the tree, you know, picking apples, someone took my pic as I'm looking down from the top of the tree and I thought it was an awesome shot...but I get all like 'Why did I let that happen!? The world is going to explode!!!' Okay, not really, but I just get all wierd. I do love looking at awesome photoshoots in general, some photo sets just blow my mind with their awesomeness.

6)<3Petticoats<3 Their foofiness and poof they add can make a sad flat jsk come to life and in most cases make the whole effect pop. I don't think all jsks or ops need a petti but I think, with prints in particular, they add and don't hurt anything. I know there is a whole hord of lolis saying it needs a petti to be lolita but I don't think that is true. Some things need them, others don't, but when you do it just adds this amazing and fun effect ^_^. So I am indeed one for poofiness in my life.

7)♥Baked Goods♥ It's not integral to lolita but good food, particularly yummy baked goods, bring people together. A good dessert can be beautiful, sweet, and healthy all at once. I know there are a few who get upset when there is only desserts and feel they can't have any based on the fact they're usually unhealthy, but like I stated, they don't have to be. The world of sweets are vast and I love going to a meet and trying something new and yummy.

8)<3Blouses<3 They come in so many different styles and can change the appearance of a coord just by changing them around. Peter pan collars, high collars, long sleeves, short, puffed sleeves, buttons, bell, gosh there are just soooooo many to choose from in all different styles! I do love when they use pleats in blouses, I think it adds more then just darts and the color of a blouse in lolita doesn't stop at just black or white. Creams, reds, lavender, I could go on and on about blouses but I think you get the picture *^_^*.

9)♥Prints and Solids♥ In lolita there are prints and there are solids and some people usually have a prefference but I love both. There are many really creative prints that I believe are amazing(Night Faery Fantasia) or just plain cute (Honey Cake), there is no denying, some are better than others. It's the same for non~print dresses, they can be lovely (Flower Tulle Regimental) or cute (Anne~Marie Jsk) depending on the cut, fabric, you name it it can have a flare that just makes the dress.

10)<3The Styles<3 Gothic, Sweet, Classic, Casual, there are even more than that and each has a unique twist that just grabs my attention. It's hard to not love these styles but most people feel they can only stay in not so much...I can't limit myself, if I see something I find I must absolutely have, I have to try it and see how to make it work for me. I'm not saying other people limit themselves, a lot of people only like one style for themselves (and find it easier to coordinate) and just enjoy seeing other people wear the other styles, but personally I just don't want too.

I hope you enjoyed my ramblings

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