Friday, March 9, 2012

Baby The Stars Truly Shine Bright For Me!

I have purchased the Camelot jsk WAHOOOOOOOOO!!!!

If I could I think this would be a good coordinate for this piece.

I would have loved it in the sepia color way but while I was debating the purchase it sold out...
That's really okay though, I thought the mint one was okay too, I was too heartbroken and managed to snag one just in time before that choice became an impossible dream too.

I can't wait to get it, the set was another that really caught my eye and I had just gotten paid for my choreography and I was told I could use it for a dress if I so choose.

This will be my third brand spanking new brand piece I've purchased and the first I have bought on my own. I don't buy them when they first come out, the other two were special instances really. My Angelic Pretty, my boyfriend brought me to Tokyo Rebel on my birthday and that was the only way that was going to happen. The second was my dream dress the Night Faery Fantasia jsk he bought me while visiting Japan...

Okay, calming down, as you can tell, I'm very excited to get this piece.
 I will try to do a review for it when it comes in.


  1. That dress is so gorgeous, congrats on getting it! :)