Friday, March 16, 2012

A Few Of My Favorite Things: Purses

As you have most likely deduced by the look of this post, I like Lolita purses. They come in all shapes and sizes and are quite intringueing. I used to hate purses (still kind of do) and can't figure out why I need to carry so much stuff as to need a bag for it. I need to just accept it as a necessary evil sometimes.

Lolita, however, strikes my fancy with some pretty nifty purses that I'd be glad to carry around. Not all are brand, but most are, but I find these selections pretty lovely, in particular. 
The Heart~Shape
Always has been one of my favorite styled bags.

The Treasure Chest
If there is one bag I've always dreamt of, it's a treasure chest bag, thank you Aatp!

The Star
 While not my favorite shape bag, this one does make an impression.

The Traveler Trunk
I think this is a lovely bag that can go with just about any classic or gothic wardrobe.

The Tea Cup
 I told you I love tea cups! I don't have a lot of sweet but I would love this bag. If the had a tea pot bag, I'd probably want it too.

The Playing Card
Again, it would be hard to fit in my wardrobe, but I love the look of playing cards. 

The Satchel
Simple and elegant, and another staple that could go easily into any classic or gothic wardrobe.

The Little House Down The Lane
I just think it's cute, again, with bags like these the coord needs to have a theme to fit.

Stained Glass
Lovely and delicate looking. (I'd be afraid to break it)

The "Book" Bag

I do love any type of book styled bags, including the Innocent World bag, I am thinking of making one of these soon.


Not much to describe it, however, it comes in different colors and is suited for gothic, classic, and even sweet Lolita.

The Violin
I love the Violin bag, I play the violin, it's my favorite instruement, I love this bag.

The Piano
If I had to get the violin bag just because I play it, I would have to get the piano bag too, and it's just as cute a bag. 

The Bow
Lately I've been obsessed with bows. I bought several bow rings in several colors that I can easily match to most of my Lolita.

The Coffin
Easily fitted to gothic, and I would love to find a brown one to add to a classic~ish coord, but alas, these things aren't thought of.

Easily said, these bags are awesome and are just a few more of my favorite things. 

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