Sunday, March 18, 2012

Glasses...!(◎_◎;) f^_^;)(^∇^)

So today I went and got glasses...

I haven't had glasses since I was in high school and that's when I first got them too. I never thought I looked good in any glasses nor would any work for me, I didn't want them, and they've always look bad on me. However, I need to see, and contacts 24/7 is not the best idea, so I suck it up and get my frilly self to the eye docs for a once over. I get my eyes dilated and check to see how bad my eyes are now (been a whole since I checked those) and come to find that I have corneal migraines going on.

This is a recent development, I've been getting what look like lightning flashes in my eyes and it gets distorted around the bolts and I can't see for about 20 minutes with a pounding headache. I now need more tests to see if there will be anything I need to worry about, but all in all not bad and I'm not too worried about it, just another quirk.

The glasses I picked are kind of cool, not too fancy. They're dark, almost black, brown with this translucenty blue shadow on the frame that make the lens look like they are back~lit when they hit the right light.

Hopefully, tomorrow I'll put myself together to see how it will look with my usual Loli...

Tea for all for now, off to commandeer a pot for me!


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