Monday, March 19, 2012

Historic Places Well Suited To My Loli: The Athenaeum

The Athenaeum. A lovely little spot for me when I'm dressed head to toe in the frills. I like it here and I like that it's only a short walk away from me.

Dating back to 1753, was started by a group of locals with a desire to read and share, they purchased books from England and posted a small subscription fee to join and help purchase a wider selections of books. Stephen Hopkins, who's name is on the Declaration of Independence, was one of the members to help start this place up. 

The building itself was actually completed in 1838, by then the library's collection had faced several moves and nearly loosing all of it's collection to a fire in 1758.

This was what H.P. Lovecraft would have seen when visiting the library around the 1920s. As you can see not much has changed from then, aside from the cars and the building itself being entwined in the vines, which I would love if it still were.

Visited by Edgar Allan Poe as well, the building honestly didn't change much since the 1840s, but it is absolutely lovely to visit and think about these great writers and dream what they dreamt, of monsters and ghostly raven's cawing dead lover's names...

It's really lovely here in early spring, I will not forget to show you the place in autumn hues, be on the look out for some photos of the place in October. Hopefully, I'll get to do a good Loli shoot...

Sculptured busts cap off each end of the bookcases and put you face to face with many literary greats. This is on the second floor, as you can see there is a room on the other side in which they keep most of their prized art pieces. Two pictures of note of the many stored there is that of Edgar Allan Poe himself and his beloved "Lenore" as it were Miss Sarah Helen Whitman of Providence. He met her only a few houses down the road from here, seeing her walking around her backyard. It is said that he fell in love at the very moment he saw her amongst the roses there.

Anyway, back to the present...

Right here is a nice little nook in which I like to sit and read and write, there are many other little nooks on can do this in (usually there are chairs).

The small stairway up is mirrored on each side. The steps are steep and tricky and I would warn you to watch your footing.

Down into the basement stacks of the library, one can't get lost down here, however, it is easy to find other spots to while away the hours in peace and solitude.

Both in the corners, to the left of a floor to ceiling portrait of George Washington, cozy and little, a nice spot to drop off and read a good story or two.

If you're ever in Providence, RI, be sure to stop off at this little spot on the beloved Benefit Street, you can't miss the place and if you are big on historic literary figures, like Poe and Lovecraft, the street is filled with their presence and I suggest you check it out.

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