Friday, March 9, 2012

How My Family Feels About My Lolita

First and foremost, I must inform you, my family is weird.

They think I'm weird and have said so, but they play into my weird and encourage it, it's really lovely, but weird.

Okay first let's take my dad, he thinks we belong in the Victorian/Edwardian era complete with way of life. He was a ship's captain and thinks things like the house should always be clean and never a thing out of place and that all his children should go to college and be things like lawyers and doctors. Really, what he thinks is that the world should be ubber perfect and that we should live our lives like the Van Trap Family (Does not help that 4 out of 5 children in this set are musically inclined). So to him, my Loli...fits into his perfect world dreams...he even believes more girls should dress like me...weird!

My mother...well, she's always been different and weird. She is a florist and an artist and loves to sing and she loves her children being creative in any way possible. Mom loves my Lolita and often teases that she used to dress me up in clothes like it when I was a little girl and would hate it. I tell her that I hated not being given a choice and having to wear it to school all day and be picked on which, I'm assuming, she doesn't want to hear. Now none of that matters, I've grown accustomed to being the outcast or picked on and have learned to ignore those who try it. (although last time someone tried to say that it wasn't Halloween and I turned around and said "Well, why are you out then?" So much for ignoring ^^P)

My brothers, they don't even act as if there's anything different about me even when I where some coords that are bright and so obviously not normal. They don't bat and eye and just continue whatever they're doing. They never question what I wear or even put funny faces on, they just accept.

My younger sister, she's a different story, she either hates it or loves it, and she'll definitely voice her opinion either way, that's just her. I know that she'll always give me an honest opinion and at least tell me if it doesn't look like I've pulled the coord together well enough or if it doesn't suit me.

My nephew who is only 5 thinks it's great! (my nephew still thinks I'm the awesome jungle gym he can rough~house with. We're definitely the dynamic duo ^_^) He thinks it's also an opportunity to switch clothes and at least wear my petticoat or wig caps. Sometimes, he may even try to wear the whole thing, a funny kid indeed.

My sister in law is probably like my little sister, very opinionated about what I wear, but has her favorites. She also likes to find me Loliable things and add to it, she just bought me these kick~ass heels that look very good with pirate Loli. She likes when I have meets and always wants to hear about them too, I think she's intrigued by it but she would never do it herself.

So that's my family, very weird but they love me, my weirdness and all. What does your family feel about your Lolita?


  1. Thats really cool! Only my mom has told me she loves my lolita. I never see my dad and step mom so i dont think they've ever seen it...but thats all going to change at my dads birthday next week! I hope they are both as awesome and accepting as yours!

    1. I wish you luck for your dad birthday! It does make things easier when it comes to parents and siblings knowing, but it also makes breathing easier to know they think it's cool and fun if parents get creative and find you something or make you something for your Loli. ^_^ I hope it all goes great!