Saturday, March 31, 2012

Need To Keep My Cool...

Although I have had many wonderful, funny, silly moments and reactions in Lolita, like many, I have experienced my fair share of negative reactions. But unlike the obnoxious boys in Boston, who got a taste of their own medicine, due to my impulsive rejoinder, some have gotten away clean while I wished to have cleaned their clock, so to speak.

It actually happened last year, at the end of the apple season in November, I had gone to my first Boston Lolita meet and was nervous and excited all at once. I meet tons of lovely ladies and gents and was having such a wonderful time, climbing trees and giggling as I see someone else at the top, wandering the orchard, and sharing apple~cider donuts. *^_^*

By the way, apple cider donuts are amazing!

Despite my appreciation of baked goods, I don't eat them as often as one would think, and I don't really like donuts, not my favorite baked good...But these little lovelies are just wonderful! It even started me on a drive to find more apple cider treats and have a new appreciation for donuts, though I still wont seek them out for a snack. ^_^ If you get a chance to try them, please do.

Anywho, the donuts weren't the problem, just two little jerks who, even now, I wish I could kick. I'm not usually affected by people who share their negative thoughts like this, but this time got me all riled up. I was keeping two fellow Loli's company, while the larger mass of us went to locate a new arrival (I say mass because there were eleven or twelve people in that group!) and the three of us were all just enjoying our surroundings talking, when these two girls pass by.

They started waving and saying "Ola weeaboo! Ola!" and I didn't exactly hear what they were saying at first so I look at them and look behind me, wondering who they're waving too. When I look back, they laughed at me, and my hearing caught up with my brain. They made me so mad!

Now, I know I don't have the prettiest Loli, and I know I'm not the best looking Loli, but I felt I was put together well enough that I looked nice. I was head to toe kuro and my hair was brushed and my make~up done nice enough, nothing really crazy. This is what I wore:

I know there are people who are just jerks, and these girls made me think they were the type to make fun of anyone, just because they're different. I know that's what really got to me, though their comment was aimed at me, I was confident enough in my coord that I was presentable and it just made me think it was because I was different. I wanted to walk up to them and say that, or punch them, or both, I was that infuriated. The Loli part of me wanted to tell them they were being brats, while the past troublemaker part of me wanted to teach them a different lesson...Luckily for me, I was calmed down by the people I was with and talked out of something that I knew would be wrong.

What are some of your experiences? What would you have done in mine?

Well, good night for now, I'm done ranting, I'm off to make dinner and enjoy the rest of my night, I hope you all have a good one!


  1. Actually just today heading home from a meet, this guy started taking pictures of u at a gas station so mlone of my friends started yelling at him! I love her so much! Anyways i told him we dont mind pictures as long as you give us the courtesy to ask first, which he replied thats what we get for dressing like its halloween! We were so angry at him comment that i broke out my camera and started taking a bunch of pictures back which made him shut his mouth, hide behind the car, and hop back in so i couldnt get anymore photos of him. Ug rude people! Im so sure their parents would be SO proud of their manners! *sarcastic* >:/

    1. I would have totally done the same as you! ^_^ I would have told him it was okay if he asked first, not a problem, but if he got rude, I would have started taking his pic too! I know Lolita looks strange to a lot of people, but that doesn't mean anyone has a right to your picture, pic ettiquete man!