Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Of Obnoxious Boys, Cops, and Frog Ponds

This actually happened a few weeks ago at the ice skating meet we had up in Boston. A lot of funny things happened there and I wanted to write about them.

The day was pretty much like any other when your parading around en mass in Lolita. Tons of wide eyed children staring with eyes that said "I want to be a princess too!" and people asking why we were all dressed up. We even had a few groups of teens ask to take pictures with us, my favorite one being when we all tried to just smile for one, then for the next photo everyone slowly did peace signs including the Korean kids who asked to take pictures with us. We all laughed about it when we all realized everyone had the same idea and it was just really cute. Nothing unusual there. Just cute.

The next thing that really happened was only funny because of my verbal reaction to two obnoxious boys. We were all walking down the street in a line, so as not to make people walking the opposite direction have to walk in the street, and these two boys pass us going the opposite direction. The first one says "nice costumes guys." which could always be dismissed as 'he just doesn't know.' The second one says "it's not Halloween anymore guys." which makes it obvious their being jerks cause we're different.

No one was going to say anything, I don't think, I didn't even think I was going to even bother either, when out of my mouth I say, way too quickly to realize it was happening and loud enough for everyone on the street to hear "Oh? then why are you out?"

I didn't mean too, it just happened! I didn't want to show them that their words were having an effect on anyone, but it happened, my mouth ran away on me. Those boys did a double take!

Lucky for me, all of my group just burst out laughing as we kept walking along, passing other people who enjoyed our frills.

In this trek back to our cars, we had a shoe accident so instead of having a friend struggle with her shoe I put her on my back and walked her most of the way to the car...until we got kind of picked up by two cops.

I set her down for a second when we found another solution to the shoe issue and she was waved down by them in their cop car. I went to check on her, thinking we were in some kind of trouble, only to discover the cops wanted to know what we were wearing!

So, no getting picked up for some strange rule like 'no carrying people in public' rules, just curious cops questioning about our fashion sense. ^_^

That is another 'Things That Happen To You In Lolita' hope you've enjoyed it. Please feel free to tell me your stories!


  1. Someone heckled that I looked like Little Bow Peep once, I shouted back that Bo Peep wore blue (I was in black)

    1. ICK! That's probably the one line I hate hearing most, "Are you Little Bo Peep?" I get it the most and it drives me nuts!