Friday, March 30, 2012


Recently, I've been seeing a few posts on LJ and different blogs about first starting out and trying not to be an ita, and bad lace, and all that. It got me to really wonder about how people start off. I guess it's always thought of as easy to start off an ita rather than start off in the right direction, even though this isn't true, people could also just be awesome at coordinating.

I know for a fact, I have worn an ita~tastic coord and have made a dress that way f^_^; and sadly enough, these mistakes weren't when I first started wearing the fashion. I do cringe and wonder, often, just what was I thinking then. Even while putting both blips together, I knew they weren't going to go well. I still wore them proudly, knowing they were both complete fails, cringing while I grin silly at it all, not giving a care about what people think. I mean, what's the worst someone's going to do, hurt my feelings? It just reflects on their person and not mine.

Of course, after both were worn and experimented with for the day, I took them off and vowed never to do that again! It was easy with the bought Btssb jsk, I just needed to switch the blouse and tights, but as for the handmade...I still need to find a better matching underskirt fabric.

This is the handmade I'm talking about:

Too busy with all the prints, and the pic doesn't let you see how the browns just makes me so mad!
But not here...I'm eating a good cupcake...^^P
That's just how it is, I'm not going to lie to you, I'm not a perfect Lolita. The fabric looked like a good idea at the time (in real life, the browns all match...and the two~tone pinks are also in the jsk...) but ooooooohhh no, not a good idea at all! And in the picture, the bow is soooooo floppy it's horrendous! I need more starch, but also need different fabric...

No matter how well put together the dress, the polka~dots got to go! I just can't accept wearing a white underskirt with it, just something about it doesn't work,(something about the peach) I want it to be different. Until then, I'll just wait til I find a good fabric to switch it with.

I am glad I experiment with my Lolita, I don't mind the mistakes and ask opinions from friends who are into it and friends who aren't. I don't ask my mother, she is SO BIASED! but I love her and don't mind, she likes the creativity in her children and I don't fault her for that, I mean come on, she's my mom.

Everyone is curious, as am, did you have issues when starting off in the Lolita world? IS there a particular piece you can't find a happy~medium with and you are working through it? It doesn't have to be in the beginning either, feel free to share!

When I think about when I started off in Lolita, I tried to put in my due~diligence, and looked up what I wanted to wear or how I wanted to wear it, what all the hub~bub about good vs. bad lace is, and hit a road block at blouses. I wish I could justify the price of all the lovely blouses I see and want, but sadly, that's where I hit the roadblock. I see so many blouses go up on sales comms and look at the prices and just go...I could find another brand jsk for that price. I hate that fact, but alas, one of the many woes of Lolita. $$$$$$$$$

This, is one of my first coords I wore in a group of Loli and is the basic way of what I coordinate like:

I do like this Meta jsk, I need to wear it more often...

Honestly, not much has changed from day one of my Loli years, although now, I'm a little less happy with mini~hats on me...

I looked at models in the GLB and tried to find things like it or make them, all the while reading up on sewing techniques and sewing machines that would best suit me and aid me in my quest for ruffles and lace. Every project, although slow going, I endeavor to push forward and work harder to make something special in my wardrobe...and make a bunch of blouses....

I just know that with whatever I do in my Lolita, I have to like what I'm wearing and know I'm wearing it for me. So, right or wrong, ita or elegant, just be happy and learn to grow and learn with your Loli and enjoy a nice cup of anything with friends!


  1. i feel ya on that! I love experimenting with lolita! allthough so far everything i've tried so far i love! I've mixed vintage long lace gloves with lolita eventhough long gloves are rarely seen...or seen done right...

    right now i'm trying to find colors to mix with my plain ivory pieces that dont look hideous! XD

    I actually think you look quite cute in that first picture though~ ♥

    1. Awesome! I love gloves with lolita, especially lacey ones but I've not found a good pair of long gloves myself. Did you post pics?

      Mixing ivories can be a bit of a pain in the butt, finding the right ones also makes it worth everything! I have a few ivory mixes I like.

      And thanks, I was enjoying the moment *^_^*


      I think it turned out ok. I see auska of AP wear armwarmers and lace gloves quite often so its all good riiiiiight? ;p

    3. WHOAOAOAOA! Oh my Starry Night Theatre, your wristcuffs are crazy! Absolutely in a good way! ^_^

      Everything looks really good to me, I like it, especially how all the colors are a perfect match! I think it looks really good, you have a good eye for coords, I just saw your recent post on your blog. I have to comment on some of your other pics I saw too.