Monday, March 12, 2012

Very Excited about what's happening around here...

Spring is here and summer is coming and the Rhode Island Lolita's are ready to take this spot on the world by storm!

We seem to be a very active group. Right as we speak we are planning at least one picnic in the zoo, biking up to Bristol for a picnic at the state park, a day in Newport, high tea, and a fruit bar tasting for summer fruit.

We are so active it's not even funny.

In the winter we have tons of tea and go to our favorite snuggery called the Duck and Bunny, that's the usual haunt for us. We have done a few swap meets, apple picking up in Boston, ice skating, a Halloween party in the cememtery, and a lovely Christmas party.

Okay, so we're active in winter too...I honestly can't wait for any of it, the bike ride right now is always on my mind. I went to my parent's house and dug out a picnic basket and found some sturdy antique gloves I had been looking for. Next I am looking to find a sturdy fan for when we take a break, and besides I think it's good to have one on hand while traveling anywhere in Lolita.

I'll keep you posted on the meets and hopefully have tons of pictures to share!

For now pull up a chair, grab someone's cup of tea, if none are ready for you, and enjoy the party...

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