Saturday, March 24, 2012

Today Is TOO Gorgeous...


Since it's been so nice out for the past few days, I've taken to wondering around in full Lolita, with fan in hand and a book in my bag. Let's see, The Raven, Death On A Cliff Walk, and some Shakespeare, I haven't forgotten to bring a notebook to doodle in and a copy of the GLB, of course.

I  definitely got to thinking about Shakespeare and rereading some of the plays, I'm big on A Midsummer Night's Dream in particular, going out and settling in the shade seems like a good idea.

It doesn't help that I've been feeling rather Puckish lately with the seasons change, despite my worry about our ecosystem, I am enjoying the alarmingly springy weather. It just feels like it's time to make like a fairy and flutter from place to place and observe the world around me...that is until I see a moments opportunity to cause a little innocent mischief... I couldn't help myself....f^_^;

By innocent mischief, I mean nothing quite so daring, but confusion is key. If I wear the right coord, innocent on~lookers make the best faces and watching their reactions is quite funny to me. One day, I wore an Angelic Pretty set I got from Tokyo Rebel about 3 years ago. The bow is definitely a head~eating~bow and it's a lovely mint with pink floral designs.

I did get a rather sweet, although shy, reaction from a college boy. He seperated from his group of friends and trecked through the parking lot I was sitting near and kept giving nervous glances at me (at first, I thought he was scared of me). As soon as he was far enough from his friends and he looked right at me he quickly said a quick and quiet "Cute." and continued on his way. His reaction, altough unexpected, was adorable and I wish there were more people to have such cute reactions.

I did meet a few people who were ready to take the plunge into frills, which was awesome! A girl who stopped me sometime around last year, and asked for a pic, found me again. She was so surprized to find me and excited to hear we had a fairly active group here in Rhode Island when I told her (I felt like I was in a "Where's Waldo" think can you spot the Lolita?).

We sat around for a few hours and talked while pouring over one of my GLBs I actually had in my bag.

The past few days have been so nice, and I have loved walking to the park nestled amoung the more historic part of the city and sit writing and daydreaming in the shade. I hope a lot of days are as comfy as this for a nice stroll and brainstorm. I did come up with another story, that I hope to share when I have a little more, I hope when I post it, people will read it and enjoy.

How's the weather in your neck of the woods? Is it just so nice out that you can't stand to stay inside on your free days?

I hope everyone is well, grab a cup of tea and I'll race you to the garden, sit and enjoy the day<3

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