Monday, April 16, 2012

The Day The Dress Came In!

Sounds like a black and white movie title, doesn't it,? lol

But you heard me right Loli's and Lolimen of all ages, I just received my Baby The Stars Shine Bright Fragrant Rose Memories Camelot Jumperskirt in the mail today!

Well, technically it went to my mom's house first, I still haven't changed my personal address due to a sudden move and now my boyfriend and I are moving again. So, for safety reasons, it's easier to receive mail at my old address and it gives me an excuse to visit more often. ^_^

So, without further ado, this is a review of the new Fragrant Rose Memories Camelot jumperskirt from Baby The Stars Shine Bright.

I reserved it through Tokyo Rebel in New York a few days after it went up for reserve on their page. I was very nervous about doing the reserve on the actual Baby website because I've never even did a reserve before so I thought I'd start small and put myself in a low pressure environment where I could easily ask what I needed to do, without being too much of a hassle.

The staff was really polite and kind, they answered all my inquiries and were very patient with me. I definitely believe I owe a big thank you to them, they were awesome in their customer service.

Originally I wanted the sepia in the Camelot jsk and by the time Tokyo Rebel had the reserves up there was a mass of Lolita, somewhere or everywhere, who decided they ALL wanted the sepia colorway. Lucky for me, while waiting to see if the New York based fashion store of dreams would get the reserve, I was already debating if I liked the mint better. I really do enjoy mint colorways and it was the only other one that was really making me reconsider sepia, I wasn't sure how it would look though so I kept stalking the internet to see if there was another picture out there with the mint colorway being used. Nada.

To top it all off, by the time the Tokyo Rebel staff were able to put up the reserve, it looked like mint was going to be only a dream, but I got really lucky and snatched one of the last ones with their help!


Please excuse my enthusiam...

So the dress arrives (a few days ago), I had scored the all of Baby's and Tokyo Rebel's blogs to see if the dress had popped up in their stores towards the end of the month, after pain~staking hours of not knowing what to expect.

It felt like Christmas.

The box arrived and, I have to say, I was happier with it then I thought I would be.

The box didn't come this way, I opened it as soon as it got in...I know I'm not the only one who couldn't wait to open up a new dress when they get them.

The staff wrapped it with giftwrap, it really did feel like I was opening up a gift to me.

My first Baby The Stars Shine Bright bag, yes this is a pretty epic moment for me. The dress was folded up neatly inside and, though it is now, there was not a wrinkle to be seen on the bag.

The dress! Wrapped up carefully for delivery, they took care to fold and tape the bottom of the bag so nothing could get in that way. The color of the dress is hard to see in this picture, it's a little darker and the print holds a nice contrast to the mint.

You can see here that the bottom layer of lace and ruffle are very frothy and delicate. There are layers of this lovely matterial at the bottom of this dress, it  looks even better with a petticoat.

The mint and the light moss green work even better together in person than I thought, this was one of my worries about this colorway and, I have to say, I am very satisfied with the actual mix of the two.

The lining of the dress is throughout and is a nice mint sateen, it is silky smooth and I love how it feels.

The lace trim at the wide scalloped hem is perfectly attached with no errors in the stitch. The perfect seams of this particular hem are very nice to see.

Underneath all the frothy lace and ruffle you can see only three rows that have been serged for all those layers. The actually are straight, unlike what you can see in my photo, and everything is just perfect. No flaws.

When I had seen the first few of these jumperskirts put up on Baby's blogs this was my major worry. The straps. In many of the pics, the store blog didn't even bother to show the under side of the straps and let the whole thing  just dangle around, limp and on a hanger (like here f^_^;), it made the straps look like they were only ribbon. I was in a panic thinking that was the only thing holding up the dress. I am relieved, however, to find that the ribbon is double sided with the actual fabric and strong enough to withstand adjustments.

The underside of the waist ties are also double sided, the outer side the print while the inner the sateen, it's rather nice. The buttons as you can see are gold and sparkly, nothing really changed about that from the originally advertised design.

Quickly I put it on my dress form to show you what the color lookes like in natural light.
Quality: 5:5 The materials used are lovely and the piece is sewn well.
Print: 5:5 Better then I could've imagined, there is nothing lost from light and the colors are bright.
Customer Service: 5:5 Although I went through Tokyo Rebel, they were very quick in every email and went out of their way to help me get the colorway I wanted.
Shipping: 5:5 I wasn't certain how long it was supposed to take with a reserve but everything was well handled and arrived around the time everyone else was receiving theirs.

I am very happy to have received my new jumperskirt and first time reserve item from Baby, I can't wait to really coordinate it and see wear it out.

Thank you for looking, pour yourself a cup, and enjoy the tea party.

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