Monday, April 30, 2012

First Haru Matsuri!!!

This past sunday, I went up to Boston's Copley Square for their first annual Haru Matsuri and it was pretty intense. There was barely any room to walk and you got jostled around by people trying to get past you.

From my experience, it was more hectic than a Tokyu Hands in Japan. And going into that store on a normal day was like going into Best Buy on black Friday the night after thanksgiving dinner. Crazy. But in a fun kind of neat and shiny way when you first get a new gadget.

Originally it was planned to go as a big RI Loli group up to meet up with the Boston Loli's, however, plans changed when my boyfriend decided he wanted to go to and then do some grocery shopping all in one trip. I was glad to have been able to share the day with him. He tried to go out of his way just to get me some Okonomiyaki which I've been trying to get some since hearing about it. (When in Japan, couldn't get any!) I figured now was a good time since it was listed in the booths, but alas, we got there and they sold out of food tickets.

Now, I don't mean we got there later in the day and they sold out, I mean we got there around 11:30~ish and they were sold out. The festival was meant to start at only 11:00. There was even a raffle for 2 business class seats to Japan, we couldn't even find the booth to get a ticket and they sold before 1:00...I believe they learned they have interest in this festival and they're going to need more and a bigger space. ^______________________________________________________^

Despite no food and no raffle tickets we did get to walk around a little, the stage was big and they did a few really cute shows to boot. A class of little kids did some hip hop 0.o They were too cute and short...I love kids, I really do, they're just so squishable sometimes, and seeing kids have fun at something like this is definitely neat (way better than sitting inside all day with an ipod). A bunch of kid's played a few Japanese fishing games (Kingyo Sukui I believe it's called) or ran around in little colorful kimono they got to try on, which was nice.

One of our Loli's did bring her daughter, she was all dressed up and was decked out in Hello Kitty. I believe her style of clothes could have been a bit Otome. (E the little Lolita~in~Training ^_^) I didn't get a pic of her though...

The second set of dancers were a group of students from Japan who came to Boston for an English language program. They did a dance called the "Fishermen's Dance" or "Soran Bushi" which was very well done and interesting. They wore kimonos too and no shoes and wore big smiles, you could tell they liked to dance, and they were quite good at it.

I did briefly run into the RI/Boston Lolitas for a bit which was nice. Not everyone was dressed in Loli and I shocked them by being dressed in my normi things. No wig, no dress, and no bows...>.<; it was a strange day for me in that moment.

Here are some pics:

The stage when we got there. You're only seeing 1/5th of the crowd...O.o

Face Painting!!!

I believe this was a high school group and they sang songs from AKB48.

The Japanese students who danced for us in their beautiful kimono. They were really nice.

A little booth was doing a fundraisor selling these little guys to raise support for those still in need in Japan after the earthquake and tsunami. Their booth had many pictures of what Sendai and surrounding areas look like today.

Well, that was my weekend, time to start the week with something I need a good thermo for my tea...

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