Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Little Tea

Just wanted to share a few pictures from the last tea meet I went to last night.

This is some of the local Loli, we're missing a small amount I believe, but this wasn't so bad.

Here is the lovely Kitty, before almost any meet she and I almost always end up on the phone talking about coordinates to wear. Yesterday she was trying to convince me that I was a sweet due to the items I have in my Loli with pink in them.She and Mic are convinced I'm a closet sweet and I'm convinced Mic is a closet sweet. The Debate will continue...

Speaking of Mic, this is Mic avoiding comment! The lovely sweet next to him is a Michiru striking a pose, she is our resident Pink Lady I think. I can count on her to have some pink in almost any coord and she is not afraid to show it. (as seen here)

Despite our teapot looking bigger here, Mic's was huge!

Our resident sweets ^_^ they are just too cute and I would love to see them do some twinning. The girl on the end, Lorie was a new face to me and long time friend of Michiru.(3 new faces in all today!!!) It was very lovely to finally meet her after talking to her a bunch of times on the fb page.

This is just a really nice picture over all, they just look so cute, and their smiles are the best in this picture. SweetOkashi is in a fully hand~made coordinate, and I swear she has the skills to go very far if she so chooses to. Truly talented and I wish I had the drive to do as much as she does.

Another face! I swear you'd think Lolita's were falling out of the sky! Candice is a lovely individual who also shares an interest in more self~defense type of things, which I find awesome. She's actually Kitty's friend from school. Magically, they both know this girl:

This is the girl that I was randomly tackled by twice and her name is Nana. She's really nice and although she doesn't have any Lolita she wanted to at least meet everyone and ask where everyone got theirs. It also turns out that she is in a school club with Kitty and Candice and they all go to the school that is seriously a few buildings down from my apartment.

Honestly, each group pic we take I feel it just looks better and better. It hasn't been too long since we started to have meets in RI, but we have definitly grown as a group, friends, and Lolita.


  1. Yay! I love that picture of us. <3 The lighting is great, and we all had so much fun!

    1. Yay! I really happy with our group pics, I think I want to do a post on all the group shots I have in one post.