Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sewing And Forethought...

I love to sew, I'm not the best at it, but nearly every day I am highly aware of my sewing machine parked in my sewing area and look through something I want to try, or learn a new technique. I'm always looking to learn something new and I know I am no where near perfect for my sewing projects, but I like to try.

Recently I've been getting better at drafting patterns. There is so much one can do if they learn a little about pattern drafting, and if you sew Lolita, it's a wonderful skill to hone. A few of my first Lolita attempts did have pieces of patterns, which gave me the basic ideas for the cuts of important pieces, but even early on I was constantly being challenged either due to lack of fabric or pattern differences.

By that I mean the patterns weren't always exact to the specs I wanted to make the pattern Loliable, so I had to alter things. There really isn't any exact patterns for a Lolita dress unforetunately...I know, however, these sort of obstacles don't stop me but push me to work harder and learn a great deal of things. This particular piece I elongated the bodice, drafted a solid waist line, and widened the skirts bottom circle to fit the 3 yards of fabric I had.

Second dress I made. 3 yards...
and a whole lot of tweaking.

You can kind of see the heart shape I try to get with the bodice fabric. Absolutely not in the pattern.

A little heart connotier I made, by hand in about a half hour.

I love going to my table and just putzing around, checking out every little thing I have at my fingertips. This usually pushes me to start a project or continue something I've been working on.

My one MAJOR problem....I never check to make sure I have all the material I need...fail...epic fail...

I always seem to end up short something, I don't usually plan my projects out entirely. If I'm at my table, I see or think of something I want to do, mainly a new jsk, I quickly pick out the fabric I already have in stock and start cutting things out. I don't always know what exactly I want to do, I picture in my head the cut, and then after I've finished doing that I start to think lace or ribbons.

This is usually where the fail occurs. I never have the lace in stock, or the trims I might think of, whatever it is, I usually think of it after cutting and I get no where fast. It's not a very productive trait, and I mean to amend that fault, but temptations to start are never ending!

Right now, I'm doing a little work on what I can of my clock jsk, this is the post here: http://thebloodyteaparty.blogspot.com/2012/02/coord-ideas-clockwork.html

I've done a little more on it...like I said, I ran into some problems with not having things on hand...this time fabric...I definitely need to take a trip to the fabric store I just need a car or a lift from someone. Walking would definitely be pushing it, despite how small Rhode Island is and how everything is kind of close by, the fabric store is not...

Anywho, I will endeavor to adjust accordingly, hopefully learn to develop a project a little more before I begin. At least pick out the lace...^_^

What are some sewing or crafting projects you are working on?

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