Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sewing (With) Everything I've Got!

So I had run away from blogging for a bit. Not for any particular reason, really, my boyfriend likes to come home from work and take over the computer with a vengeance really...not a joke, gamer boyfriends tend to take up whatever console has the newest toy on it.

I don't mind in the least, I just have to work on posts for mornings, which has it's perks. I just need to be less lazy and more proactive. I do have an ipad but posting on that thing is like pulling teeth, the newer format likes to erase what you've had saved ~.~; and there is no blogger app for the ipad....

Okay, so I'm done complaining about the ipad's love for messing up my posts!

Lately I've been sewing up a storm, it's been a lovely medium of not knowing exactly what I am going to do and how I will execute things without a pattern to follow. I've been working on two jumperskirts, a bonnet, and a blouse. I'm fairly impressed with myself, I've never done anything besides alter blouses I own that are too big, and this blouse I'm altering without patterns...I think I should really take a drafting class...

Here is a few pics I've been trying to take to show my progress:

With waist ties. I did the underside with the same fabric as the ruffle.

What would be a new sewing crafting for you? What's your favorite project you've ever made?

The bodice will be blank for now until I can figure out what I want exactly for the design(most likely a bib style)

Did this yesterday after starting this post. Yay trips to fabric stores! Thanks mom ^_^

First Blouse. I have had problems starting this particular project, I've made sleeves for other dresses and all, I just seem to over worry when I think darts...

That fear, however, didn't stop me from deciding 'let's run away from the pattern and alter it!' OwO...

Pleats and darts were not in the original pattern...yes, basically I'm making my work harder and making my fear of messing up my first blouse palpable...

And this little bonnet. There is no pattern...I did my first bonnet with a pattern, why I didn't just use it again is honestly beyond me. Apparently I don't like doing the easy thing. I suppose I wanted a different style than what I had.
Note: You could probably use a pattern for the bonnet brim and alter the crown part to be a half bonnet. (Yes, I am kicking myself for not doing it the easy way. However, I do feel like I did an okay job drafting the brim with just a ruler and measurements.)

This is just an update from where I've been these past few days, I do have more to post, for now this is it. Expect a photoshoot with my derpy face in a beautiful coord! OOp

Grab a cup and chill out in a bonnet under your parasol, what better way to spend a day?


  1. Ah ha I have a gamer boyfriend so I know how you feel. I need the desktop to upload the pictures off my DSLR and as soon as he gets home I can kiss the computer goodbye.

    I also want to start my sewing projects up again after the semester is over. The only things I have completed are a few skirts and an unlined Jsk that's almost done. My fabric stash is overflowing! No mote buying fabric until then.

    Great job on your sewing, I think I'll try making a blouse too.

    1. It's true, I also have to kiss the computer goodbye, lol. I have a few videos from the Haru Matsuri I want to post soon, too.

      Currently working my tail off on that clockwork jsk and the rest have kind of been put on holdf^_^;)
      I also started a bloomer can't have too many bloomers, I think.

      Please, let me know when you post pictures, I'd love to take a peek! Also, have you done anymore of your comics? They're really cute!

      Also, fabric stashes are wonderful aren't they? I have a few pieces in my stash that I bought in Japan, I can't wait to start work on them.

      Thanks for commenting! And let me know how your blouse comes out(^∇^)