Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sun Kisses And Ice Cream

I feel as though I smell like the outside and the sun, like it's been kissed. Don't you like that feeling and smell? I spent the day out with a few Loli's, some I met early for ice cream, while others we scooped up unexpectedly, it was really nice.

 My hair smells like it, my skin, and my clothes all smell like the sun, I find it wonderful. We had plans for getting some free ice cream, If you don't know already, April 3rd is free ice cream day at Ben and Jerry's. It's only a scoop, but a fairly decent size scoop and you can get it in a cone or a cup. The lady I got mine from just looked at me funny when I asked for mine, didn't even ask how I wanted it, just looked at me. It was kind of a glare and rude...but again, free ice cream, so win anyway.

Along the way we ran into two of our Loli gang that we hadn't expected to see, and picked up another whom we were waiting for. We all got great ice cream and enjoyed a bit of tea at the local tea shop (not the Duck and Bunny but Tealuxe) and enjoyed ourselves, good day. The End.

Well, the free ice cream wasn't the only awesome thing to happen. My friend, SweetOkashi, and I walked the streets of Providence and ran around the lovely little city. We went to the Athenaeum and took a few shots too.

This is the lovely SweetOkashi, being lovely.
               ♡ What She's Wearing♡
         ♡Jumperskirt: Metamorphose♡
     ♡Shoes/Jewelry/Tights: Off~Brand♡
         ♡Bolero/Conotier: Hand~made♡

This is me...being...studious!
                       ♥What I'm Wearing♥
♥Jsk: Metamorphose♥
/Shoes: Off~brand♥

Along the way we ran into a few people who had to stop us and ask about our clothes, where we got them, if it was someplace local. They were very excited and we pointed them in the right directions, which websites, told them about our local comm. They were from New York though, and often live in Toronto, so if any NY or Toronto Lolis meet new people with awesome two~toned hair, that's them.
We also got stopped by a fashion blogger, which was pretty cool. We all felt like it was a street snap for Kera Magazine O.O. hehe at least that's how cool we felt. The girl was very nice and I took her pic too for my blog. She was dressed pretty snazy and I wanted to share.

This is her blog:

It's really cute and interesting, definitely neat to browse through, and she was really sweet.

As you can see, this is what she wore:

                                 ♡What She Wore ♡
                 ♡Blazer/Bell~Bottoms: Thrifted/Savers ♡
                                  ♡Blouse: Hand~Made♡
I really loved the bright reds she was wearing and the little boater cap, but what I really thought was cool was her blouse.

It was made by her grandmother, and the detail of the lace was really lovely.

So, all in all, today was awesome. We conquered the day of the free ice cream scoop and enjoyed the atmosphere, the company we met, and the tea. I hope you all get on that and let Ben and Jerry treat you to a scoop too.

Edit: This was meant to be posted yesterday, but I don't know why it didn't puplish when I pressed the button...weird...

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