Monday, May 14, 2012

A Few Of My Favorite Things: Boots

I need to get into a schedule for posting things...Anywho, on to posting some of my favorite things!

I think most girls can say, most all Lolitas love shoes, high~heeled, ruffle~studded, ribboned, there are a zillion different things that can be featured in a Lolita shoe. I wont be writing about any kind of shoe, I will be showing off boots.

Boots have always been my favorite go to shoe maybe since I was born. I love the way they look, how they don't need heels to look great and can alter a look just by wearing them, turning something dainty to have an edge.

Granted in both college and high school I had a bit of an edge all over the place, I was more a Kamikaze Girls Ichigo than a Momoko, and half the time I still act it. I don't think it's something I will ever gett over, and I honestly don't mind being myself, but what can I do, I love the frills and I'm a bit brash...


These little cuties need to be in my closet. Simple, aesthetically pleasing in all the right places, with little bows on the side that add a touch of cute to an elegant boot. Perfect for classic. 

This is a superhero shoe if e'er I saw one. Belted and buckled and nothing short of savvy, these are a little hard~core for the sweet maybe but I think it has quite a few coords in favor of these.

I like the cut~out in these, the bows I think are just enough, and they're cute enough for a delicate sweet, easy in classic, and, in black, they will add an elegant edge.

I actually don't know where I found these, but they are pretty cool! Reverse ties with striking ribbon laces, painted up with roses...these actually look like antique doll shoes...If anyone knows where these are, please let me know...

These may look a little less cutsy, to me anyway, but I love them! These would definitely be something I'd gear almost any classic or gothic coord.

First thing I noticed about these were the spat~like designs, I've always wanted a pair of spat boots. I also think the curve in the back of the heal is a nice touch. just everything about this shoe really, from the delicate bow in the front to the scalloped lines.

You might find this one a little weird but I really love combat boots, always have, always will. It's a good staple boot for the very outdoorsy Lolita (like me), when going applepicking, these would have done nicely. Very punky and sharp, good for goth as well, this one definitely has an edge to it.

I'm not big on the overyly sweet types of boots but the sweeter looks do tend to go into my mary~janes and strappy tastes for shoes. I'll get to those later. So for now, I hope you like this episode of the bloody tea party, now pull up a chair and pick out a cup, enjoy your day ^_^.

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