Thursday, May 10, 2012

How Do You Take Things Like This...

It seems like all day, every day, when I'm out and dressed head to toe in frills people have a most positive reaction to my outfits. Sure they range from the not so polite compliment to the most polite 'You're the best dressed person I've seen in a really long time.' from an older gentlemen in a suit.

I'm not saying that the people around here all shower positive comments over my dresses or anything, there are a few negative ones...But I've not had a horrible one yet and I'm greatful for it.

The worst things that have happened on account of my clothes have come from my siblings, which I don't think they realize what they've been saying is hurtful. They're not saying anything really negative in the first place, the past few weeks everyone says I look better in jeans or ask me not to where anything 'frilly' for special occasions.

I wear my Lolita all the time and everyday, if I can, for the past 6 years now, maybe longer. I'm saying they should be used to it, it's not some recent drastic change. I've worn it out with them for simple things like groceries or walks, no one has said anything except recently. I do wear jeans and normal clothes with them too, I just have a prefference for my Lolita, it's my style not anyone else's.

I don't think I'm looking too old for it, and recently my boyfriend was willing to go out with me in a very casual coord. I never go out with him in my Loli, he's very vocal about his comfort level, so when he says something is nice or he's willing to go out with me like that...yeah, it's like that...If he says something looks cute or thinks it will look cute on me, I jump at the chance to get it.

I've tried to joke with them that if they want me to wear normal they have to wear something frilly, they laugh and say not going to happen, but we laugh and I start to feel stiffled. It's all recent and I might just be being stupid, but I'm finding it more and more uncomfortable to have to listen to it from them....And if my boyfriend is becoming more comfortable to stroll around with me in Loli and they're becoming less tolerating...I just find it dumb.

If anyone ever tried to stand me off on my Loli, I mean really stand me off, I would be so ready to jump all over doesn't help that I get so easilly worked up when it comes to my family and comments...

Okay, I'm dumb ranting now.

What are your siblings' reactions like to your clothing, and what would you do if they asked you to wear normal clothes?

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  1. I stumbled on this blog from SewLoli, and I hear you! I don't wear lolita often (I work in a kitchen ^_^) but when I do show up in it at my parents' house they usually say something like "wow, you look like a freak" before giving me a hug and kiss. Yeah, that's my parents for you. Luckily I'm very self-confident and used to being criticized for my fashion, whether it's pants covered in patches or petticoats. Sure does stink, though! Hang in there and they'll get bored of it after a while.