Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mom And The Great Bloomer Drafting Debate!

Today, my mother did something that she never does...she stayed home from work!!!

This was really necessary due to oral surgery she had the day before, nothing big, but the stuff they gave her made sure she couldn't drive (^∇^). Trust me, this is a good thing, the woman works herself to the bone! So, to keep her occupied and make sure she got what she needed, I went to visit her and ensure some rest was gotten.

At first she drove me crazy with Glee (not really a fan, but don't really watch it) and then I drove her crazy with New Girl (I can't stop laughing, and the zanieness reminds me of what my life was like when working at school). After a while we got talking about sewing and my Lolita. She also was talking about her new sewing room and how she wanted to sew more like she used to, and sew me some clothes (YAY!!).

My mom is pretty boss at sewing, she's been since she was 9 years old and made her own clothes and everything. She helped sew my King Richard's costume from a few years ago. My mom has always had some crafty thing to do or lying around her house, so it was pretty natural to start a debate about what to do with the fabric stored in the basement and closets.

She started telling me to gather the 4 containers, filled with fabric, that were hidden in the house and start to find things we liked. 4 containers worth! We found out she had a lot of really nice pieces to work with for classic, and some cute things for sweet. And then, of course my mom's favorite style prints, reserved for me to tilt my head at... Eventually I picked out a cute yellow bumble bee print(unfortunately not bumble bee transformer's bumble bee) and we decided we were going to randomly draft bloomers.
Transformer Powers Not Included.

We ran around searching for sewing tools for drafting and came up empty? Well, really I went running around the house everywhere my mom told me they could be, because running around and tripping was most likely what she would do. Eventually we gave up and used a tape measure and a colored pencil(so not good for fabric) and we began to draft out a pattern.

At first we were using one from sew-Loli memories but I didn't like not having angles defined so we improvised and worked the numbers and made a few spins on the pattern. I will post a tutorial soon, it is very easy! I took into account what I had done with my last pattern for bloomers in my altering of the pattern.

I need better tools...

At the end of the day we had drafted, measured, drawn out, and cut out a bloomer pattern satisfactorially! I'm pretty happy with the tweaking we did and can't wait to get a chance to sew it all together.

The Thing I'm glad the most for is that I will cherish the memory of sitting on the floor with my mom, fiddling with athe plan for A sewing project. We goofed off, got serious, got confused, and got goofy all over again. I hope I get to do this again and hang out with my mom like this soon(^_^)

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