Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Nerd In The Lolita

Okay, so you caught me from the 1960's Mr. Freeze pic, I am a nerd, a complete and utter comic nerd, I have always been this way. This habit started before I could even read, when I would sneak into my older cousin's closet to check out his batman comics.

And I did watch all the old school Batman's, Flash, Wonder Woman, and yes, even Captain America. But it doesn't stop there, I have a geeky love for some video games (mostly survival horror) and books.
What can I say, he's a zombie after my own heart, and for that I love popping his head off with a shotgun for it ^_^
Recently, there has been a spike in superhero appreciation in the Lolita community due to the recent release of The Avengers and I was one of the excited many. One girl in particular has made a whole slew of superheroed lolita coords drawn up. I want to make one of them, or something similar, but can't choose just which to go with first. This is her tumblr:

One thing I could never understand though was, even though these guys were naturally awesome to me...why couldn't they get costumes that weren't made of pajamas or spandex?...
Although cute on children, these duds aren't meant for masqurading as superheroes.

Holy wardrobe fail Batman! We're dressed for a slumberparty!

Not saying I love them any less but...holy speedo Batman O.O...
Speaking of trying my hand at a some Super Hero themed coord ideas, here's some for the Batgirl in me:

This version of Batgirl might be a cool one to try.

This dress pops in my head when I think BatLoli lol.
Love this blouse! It'd be perfect for the coord.

Tattoo tights with bats on them...oh yeah...
Super Boots!!!
Batgirl hair barrette!

Definitely do some wicked nail art.

Batgirl necklace.
Would be a pretty good choice in bag.

Gotham City Ring.
I have this belt!

I wish I had a little more yellow in this...maybe a yellow bow instead of the bat barrette but it's way too awesome not to use...I had too much fun with this, but anyway that was my batgirl~inspired Lolita coord.

I absolutely love all the Lolita inspired superhero artwork and really would love to try to incorperate something like that into my wardrobe. ^_^

What do you think of this recent superhero craze? Do you have a favorite Super? Super inspired coord ideas?

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