Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Staples For Lolita: Bloomers

There will always be things in a fashion that are either a big NO or an even bigger NEED. I was recently thinking about this while reading the Livejournal Sew_Loli comm for the sew~along. This round everyone will start work on a pattern draft for bloomers, starting May 5th, and it has a list of tools needed for the project and alternatives to drafting. This is the link for the post:

I think bloomers are the biggest staple in Lolita to have, aside from an actual jumperskirt or one piece, mainly due to modesty and aestethic value. Some may not agree with modesty being a rule in Lolita however, I think, when the wind blows....well if you don't get the picture, maybe you need bloomers...f^_^;

Bloomers can be pretty and protective, if your not sold on the wind never revealing your tidy~whities because you like going Lolita commando and think it's sexy or something here are a few other bonuses to wearing them.

One) When you go to sit in public or on a public transportation system, there are so many layers, true, but your thighs wont stick to the seats in summer.

Just saying, eith bloomers, this awkward sitting with a cold bum would never happen...
Two) In winter....extra insulation, need I say more...

Winter Loli is probably warmer in layers and bloomers to protect her bum from winter gust.

Three) Maybe not so important, but if you have poofy bloomers (not the ones that are like shorts) it can give a little extra poof to your skirts.

This dress, probably had a little extra poof, thanks to her bloomers...

Four) Depending on what style of Loli you like you can always have longer bloomers to have they're ruffly, lacey, bottoms sticking out from the bottom. This may be classified as more ero, but I think it's still cute even when wearing knee~length skirts.

A little lace under the skirts can be quite cute ^_^

Five) Bloomers always got you covered. Through all seasons, they're always in style and they can come in every different color, shape, style, or size imaginable. They can be just cute!

So don't forget your bloomers, Lolis and Gents, may the gustful winds never leave you red in the face! ^_^


  1. Bloomers are great for stopping perverts looking up your skirt too :)

    1. Oh my gosh! I forgot the pervert angle! (no pun intended) another good reason for bloomers(^_^)