Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hey There, Sailor Loli!

This be the season of the sailor lad and lass, where nearly every Loli goes completely nuts over sailor collars, navy blues, and buttons.  Many see it as a light and airy celebration of beach~fairing activities perfect for summer meets.

I have the sneaking suspicion that Sailor~Loli will be making a major influx into the Lolita community this year. This new swing, I believe, is in part due to Metamorphose's summer 2012 series with it's cute high~waisted skirt, with suspenders, and sailor hats, there still items from this series here:

Or you can see a spread of the series in the Gothic Lolita Bible vol 44:

It is a very cute series ^_^.

It would be very hard not to want one, but since the same pleated skirt in the pic is actually out of stock on the reserve list many have to resort to other means. You can buy something similar easily, many options in style or color, there is always something else that can be just as great.

I've browsed and browsed, googling, going through comm memories, Hello Lace~ing, and using the Lolibrary searching for more cute and classy garb. Here's a few thing for some eye~candy:

The long and short waist can give a slightly different silhouette but are both great choices for those of the Sailor persuasion

If you can't see that this is a great sailor styled Loli dress...well...I'm not going to say anything...

Delicate, with the idea of a sailor outfit without the usual collar, giving it a new look.

Three tiers of cuteness and I think it is simple and elegant and a nice difference from your typical circle, a~line, and pleated sailor skirts.

The white and black is not exactly my favorite, but these two are another example. The black and maroon is a nice option.

Sleek and elegant, exactly what I'd expect from IW.

I honestly love the one with the bustled back, I've loved it ever since I saw it.

I for one am falling into line for the sailor look and already have a project planned for my next sewing project. (I will make an update on my other sewing projects as well) It will not be the traditional colors, matter of fact it will be a brilliant red, but beyond the main color of the piece I'm still debating on the combo I could use. It will have the collar, but I have yet to decide on bows or buttons or both, allowing me to see what I like as I go.

Who knows what it will look like, and who knows if I'll be able to make a trip to the fabric store to pick up some matching supplies...Who knows...

So pull up a seat, grab yourself a cup, and tune in next time for The Bloody Tea Party!!!

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