Friday, June 8, 2012

A Bet's A Bet

Betting. I usually don't like to gamble, never do at casinos, however, I do the very harmless kind quite often. The type where you bet family or friends over chores or buying gifts for the other person, and win or loose no one gets hurt. And, in the end, I will do the chore anyway or do whatever I would have to do if I had lost, leaving everyone happy.

This week is no different.

I bet with my father that a building I had used in the past for theatre only had 2 stages and he thought there were 3. If I lost I had to go clean my parents backyard and if he lost he would buy me a parasol.

I won. ^_^

We checked the location of course and after much grumbling and denying, my father finally conceded and told my mother they had to get me a parasol.

I picked out my winnings, they paid, and next week I will be cleaning up their backyard and most likely clean the rest of their house. Hopefully they will be surprised ^_^.

My parasol is actually a Lumiebre Fraulein Alice parasol in blackXgrey, for a pretty decent price. I'm so excited about it, it will be my first parasol and it is good for rain and shine, it's perfect!

With as often as I go out for a stroll, this parasol is a great purchase.

Have you ever bet for brand? What did you win?

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