Monday, June 4, 2012

What Time Is It Mother Witch?

I feel like I've jumped over the moon with excitement, I have finally finished my clockwork jsk!

Wahoooooo! Yeeeaaaaahhhh! Woot woot woot!

Sure, it took a few months for me to finish it, but between theatre shows, babysitting, and just intervening family in general it was a little difficult to be able to just sit and do what I wanted.

The bodice was the easiest piece to sketch out, cut, and sew; I had done that type of bodice, I feel, about a hundred times, so that wasn't the issue.

None of it really was, there was a bunch of hand basting, from zippers to somewhere around 5 yards of lace, making it easier to go over those areas without them moving around. Hand basting is my friend, it controls my out of control machine stitching and the only part I needed to remove after everything was done under the machine was the zipper area. Easy~breezy.

Trying out scallops for the first time ever, without a pattern and going in alone, honestly, way easier than I thought including the scalloped bib on the bodice, though it was very aggravatingly difficult to get that straight.I know for sure that was one of the most time consuming efforts for this piece, leaving me in a state where I'd like to scream sucker~punch someone and leave, theatrically, on some type of bike.

The bib I had to re~do at least 4 times after hand basting and even machine sewing once I realized it was still askew. I had to go back and even replace the ribbon, but that was the worst of it.

I think I still want to make a bow for the front, I just feel there is something missing from the waist area and just can't decide what, but that can easily come later.

Here are a few pics:

Finished jsk sans petti and blouse. Once I get a good coord I'll post.

I did the back without a shirring panel and used black coord to do the lattice work. It can be adjusted.

Double sided waist ties, the under is the tan and the face is the black.

There are 4 sets of these little bows that I also had to hand sew.

Obligatory side~ways shot!!! ^^P
That's about it for now, I am proud of all this particular jsk, never done scallops before, it was kind of nice. I still have about 4 more projects to get back to...that I remember...but for now I'll just enjoy this without freaking out.

Let me know what you think. <3

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