Friday, June 15, 2012

When It Rains, It Pours!

Hello all you wonderful Lolis and Non~Lolis who like to check in every now and then for a spot of tea and a slice of blog, I have been extra busy.

This past week I have baked french shortbread cookies and whipped up some strawberry shortcake for my boyfriend's birthday. I will post both recipes, they both turned out quite yummy if I do say so myself. The shortbread this time is a keeper for recipe books, and the shortcake is one I've used for a few years now, so keep an eye out for those two!

We had a great time for my boyfriend's birthday I took him to Six Flags for the day and even got a flash pass to quickly jump lines. We went on coaster after coaster, trying every ride we could think of, flipping upside down and side~ways, it was awesome! Being the adrenaline junkie that I am we even went up the new Goliath that drags you back up until you are ninety degrees facing the ground so many stories below you. I wanted to go more than once and do more of those bungee springing rides that throttle you up in the air with only two cords keeping you from being so much splatter.

It was a fun~filled day that we both enjoyed.

Yet with the sweet comes the sour, my sewing machine has busted again, this is the third time I will have to send it out and the machine is only TWO years old. The timing is off and I learned from a sewing machine mechanic that it is from breaking needles. With newer electronic machines it becomes a mega problem.
Within moments of the machine bust, unfortunately my little genie lamp look a like ottlite broke too, it was bizzare to say the least.

Despite all this up and down week I will forge on.

In other good news; my new Lumiebre "Fraulein Alice" parasol came in yesterday! I was very excited to use it while out shopping and goofing off and have had several opportunities to do so.

That's all for now, folks!

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