Saturday, June 23, 2012

Lolita Runway Challenge: Project Summer

I am proud to announce I am partaking in the Lolita Runway Challenge!

It's a recent development brought to us by ABC Lolita and it sounds like a pretty neat way to spend the summer, sewing away on a project that one could improve upon their sewing skills and enjoy a new project to wear at a meet~up or event.

I'm certain everyone enjoys a little motivational challenge, and you can join up too, just go to her webpage and say you want to be in on the game.

She will have polling to have everyone vote for their favorite challenger and we can all enjoy and share our tricks and treats.

The plan is to go, as follows:

1) Challenge Announcement
2) Fashion Sketch or Fashion Drawing or Technical Flats (basically, get your idea in)
3) Material Hunt
4) Drape, Pattern, Alter, etc.
5) Sew forever
6) Photo and post!

I know she hasn't made an announcement for what the challenge is, but I've seen she's thinking of making a dress replica and possibly one of the Btssb Tartan jsks. In about a week or so, I think she will be announcing the challenge, if there is enough interest.

Check out her blog and ask her questions about it. She is also looking for suggestions on what the first challenge should be.

I'm already thinking of ideas for my choice, my concern being how close to the original details does it have to be? And what are the rules for the project. And out of all the details, my major concern is LACE! Finding the right lace for the project will be a pain in the bloomers if e'er I saw.

So check out ABC's blog and sign up for a fun round of stitches and ruffles, for the next Lolita Runway Challenge!

Cheers ^_^


  1. When I asked her she said that I could use a colour of Tartan that Baby haven't used before, I'm also thinking because they've done a lot of tartan JSKs that I might combine elements from all of them.

    1. That's really interesting, I'm excited to see how your jsk turns out like. I've decided the colour of mine already, I wasn't exactly sure of what the restraints were for the challenge, so I'm happy to know the colour is open for choice.