Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tea Parties To Die For...

Very recently, I have been thinking of Halloween...

I know it's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy to soon to really think of that, but hey, I can't help it. It's my favorite holiday where you can dress crazy and the all time hated "Isn't it a little early to be dressed up for Halloween?" catch~phrase for the Loli~illiterate is cast aside for a whole month! (Even though most of us don't dress Loli for Halloween at all.)

Maybe I'm feeling in the spirit of things because the weather is so dark and dreary as of late.

I'm fine with dressing in Loli on Halloween, but I think I like dressing more themed or out there than usual. I'm not saying Lolita is anything like a costume, it's more like having the ability to experiment more and test my boundaries in certain areas without anyone so much as bating an eye. I can handle the name calling on a daily basis but it's nice not to have to.

This train of thought could also mean more girls afraid of trying out the frills can find the courage to do so.

I love Halloween, and I love Halloween prints that come out...

I've been thinking of some ideas for Halloween~themed/time meet~up and have been excitedly writing and drawing up plans.

Last year, we did a picnic in the cemetery late at night. We got all the permission to do so and planned and picked out a location in the cemetery and planned all sorts of fun games for the outing. We planned it for in the evening when it would start to get dark out, just enough to get a spooky chill.

Unfortunately for us, that chill turned into a near snowstorm of trouble. It was so ridiculously cold! >w< We nearly froze our little bloomers off due to a nor'easter, that blew through our neck of the woods the previous week, leaving the chill of winter.

This year we will be more prepared!!!

In other news on the RI Loli front: I've got a plan. I have this most fantastic Lolita meet~up idea that will be so much fun!

I won't divulge anything yet, not until I get all my little duckies in a row and have everything set, but it will be a pretty nifty tea party, if I do say so myself. This particular meet can be around Halloween but not necessarily.

The location I want to host a tea party is to die for, but the dead aren't there.

This location is pretty famous for an heinous act.

You can spend the night there, if you dare...

Okay, I wont say any more! I really can't wait and am very excited for this. I'll post more about it once I am set!


  1. Could you please take down my photo (4th photo, the witchy lolita coordinate)? I prefer to keep my photos in one place unless they're credited, and this one is being used without permission. Thank you!

    1. Martha I am so sorry! May I credit you in the pic and add a site link? Would that be okay? I would really like to if that is alright. I appologize for not thinking.

    2. That's ok! I totally don't mind you using it if you just add a link to the original post:
      Thanks for the fast reply XD