Friday, January 18, 2013

Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things

So I've been wandering around for a spell, busy with my new job and the holidays and what~not, but I felt that with the new year it was a good time to get back into the swing of things.

This past year has been a whirlwind of action packed frills...well...maybe not so much, but action packed.

I've received some pretty wonderful things this past year, not simply for Christmas, but I feel blessed.
For this past Halloween I was given some money to buy fabric for the Halloween meetup my friend Sweet Okashi and I have been hosting for the past two years. It's a lot of work and a ton of fun and I would like to keep this tradition going with her, we've been the dynamic duo since we met.

Sadly, I have not finished the jsk for that said meet...

Working on it!

I have it mostly together and the top and bottom halves are nearly ready to put together but I feel as though something is missing. I'll figure it out, I'm on a roll right now, which I'll blog more in a moment.

This Christmas I received my mother's old singer serger machine. She bought me new thread and made a doughnut pincushion that even has bead "sprinkles," it's super cute.

I did also receive Innocent World's Rose and Playing Cards jsk with the matching headbow and socks....head will explode in 3...2...1...


Obligatory stock pics.
I'm planning to have a Valentine's meet to make all sorts of chocolate treats and cards with the group. I recently bought loads of chocolate, flour, and sugar and plan to prebake most things to have ready to decorate for friends, family, and of course, sweethearts.

This can be cute for favors.

Back on the sewing front; I'm working on a few new projects that should be finished within a day. I started this past week on the Angelic Pretty pattern in GLB 45 and even made a post for that and a pair of wristcuffs on sew_loli. (Sadly, the lace used in the making of these said wristcuffs were forgotten about. The lace is perfect for wristcuffs and it has been sitting in my sewing cupboard for....oh say 3 years.)
Fully made blouse, minus the buttons....
Next on the list after the wristcuffs and blouse is to finish my sailor onepiece, make two more blouses in black and cream, and finish the Halloween meet~up jsk before summer. One other thing I wish to do is to jump into the blog carnival, or at least use it as a template to get back into the
swing of things.

That's it for now, I have several bazillion things that I'd like to get done today and I've got my tea to go!

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