Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lolita Blog Carnival Week 18: Tips For Adding Off~Brand To A Lolita Wardrobe

I joined the Lolita Blog Carnival! Wooooo!

I'm super excited to start up with the carnival and I'm just in time for this weeks topic. Which is:

Tips For Adding Off~Brand To A Lolita Wardrobe

I have a quite a few blouses, in particular, that I've picked up from stores here and there that fit in with this category. They add a different touch as well as fill out ones wardrobe, which for those who try to stay within a budget can be very helpful.

Most non brand blouses I pick up tend to be cottons, polyester, or vintage without tags, and all tend to be machine washable. In Lolita that tends to be a godsend.

I've gotten a really nice white vintage jabot blouse that works perfectly for my classic and gothic Lolita.
Blouse from Marshall's.
These are just 2 of my off~brand blouses and the only real issue I find is in the cut of the other blouses I tend to find. It's really though to get that perfect blouse with a lot of store bought off brand, nothing is quite as top notch as actual brand. But there is always something you can do about that if you just get the right tools!

Now some shouldn't be altered depending on the style of the blouse but certain ones do look lovely with a more form fitting cut.

Another Marshalls find. This one had to be altered, the waist raised and darts added, back and front.

I've done some simple altering to a few of my blouses to make them fit better and it doesn't take that much time to do it. I've added some darts to some pieces and done some measuring to ensure a good cut.

Another great and easy add on for any wardrobe are socks. Even if you are looking for some nice patterned stockings or socks you can find a nice pair almost anywhere. I have bought a few different solid colored ones mostly from Forever21 and a couple of stripped ones from a few novelty sock shops.

I have a few JSKs and OPs that go perfect with this pair from Sock It To Me.
A simple enough add on, another easy one is jewelry! I love adding in heart, ribbon, or rose shaped jewelry from places like Forever21 or any other store I find a cute piece from. I have been amassing a bit of a collection lately, particularly of bows.

I've been meaning to pair this with Fragrent Rose Memories. the soft pink is perfect for the Rosemary colorway.

This goes really well with any black and white coord.

These are only a few of the easier finds, but I really think a great place to look for a lot of jewelry is an antique shop. I have picked up quite a few cameos, hats, necklaces, gloves, and rings from a few good shops. I've recently picked up 1 real carved shell cameo set in rose gold for only a few bucks.

Really lovely pieces.
I hope that you find this useful or at the very least enjoyable, I did have fun participating in this weeks blog carnival. ^_^


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