Friday, February 15, 2013

LBC: The Era That Most Influences My Style

It's taking me a lot to differentiate which era(s) I love and which era mostly influences my style. I know it shouldn't be so difficult but I am kind of all over the place and love to take things from everywhere.

I think I would have to stay within or a little around the Victorian era and it's really all because of the bustle.


If you didn't know, there are many different styles and cuts to a bustle. They aren't simply underskirts that happened to make a skirts poof have more umph. It was a different design to each dress!

Definitely a junk in that trunk joke somewhere in there but I do like bustled skirts in my Lolita.

For my next trick I will squish this bustled skirt with...
This type of 1880s style kilted over~skirt.

Of course I would have to make the train short in the back in order to showcase the bustle, but I think the over all effect would be quite lovely.

Bustles. Bustles everywhere.
I also really want to try making a sack~back OP like the one made by Baroquepetrock on Sew_Loli on LJ. I've always loved the cut, fabrics, and design that goes into one and I think it's super classy and elegant.

Their more of an 18th century style, and a little bit of a stretch to call a bustle, to be honest but it's definitely something I want to add to my wardrobe.

And as everyone knows I love a good high collar in my Loli. I've posted numerous pics of high collared blouses and I've been working on making and acquiring some. High collared blouses do span across several different eras for both men and female clothing and I like to pull ideas from both.

Can't really see it but this is one of those princess cuts...
I need to find a better picture...
Another design I like is the princess cut which was fairly popular in the 1860s to 1880s. It's another form of a kilted dress but the kilting occurs in the back as opposed to the front.

These are two different styles of the princess drape.

Well now you know, if it has a bustle I'm going to find a place for it in my Loli. The flounces the frills are something I just can't resist it. And on that note I'll just leave this here...

Have a lovely night everyone, get a nice cup of tea in before you nodd of, and enjoy the ride of the Lolita Blog Carnival!

I've recently joined this cool little group of bloggers called the Lolita Blog Carnival. We blog each week about a new topic to discuss involving the Lolita fashion and if you're interested in joining you can find out more on the facebook page, here.

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