Friday, February 1, 2013

Week 19: Adding DIY Touches To Your Wardrobe

Okay, so I do a lot of sewing for my wardrobe and when it comes to thinking of DIY touches I instantly think of my sewing projects I have. There is, of course, many other things that are DIY and work wonders for building a wardrobe that include jewelry, floral accesories, and designing fabrics; there are many lovely DIY items one can produce.

I do have a few favorites, bloomers and jumperskirts in particular, they are quick and easy pieces I add to my wardrobe every so often. However, as I progress further I find myself challenging myself with more difficult projects.

I hope to add a black and cream version of these to my wardrobe.

A very recent blouse and petticoat project.
The things that I love about DIY in particular is when I have extra fabric left over.
I've made a pair of matching wristcuffs for my wonderland jsk, making the ruffle with the same fabric as the striped underskirts. I plan on making a headbow with the same striped and wonderland print, possibly two different types if I have enough, and I want to make bloomers too, but I think for bloomers I'll have to get another yard.
It's probably one of my favorite pieces.
The matching wristcuffs were an easy add on.
Bloomers can be a great addition to every wardrobe. They're fun to make and you can make them in many different prints and styles. My bumblebee ones are probably one of my favorites.

To bad they aren't like Bumblebee from Transformers, but that would be a tad bit awkward.

I will be posting a tutorial for bloomers and wristcuffs, this post is becoming a little too large to post one despite the simplicity.
A few DIYs projects I plan on adding to my wardrobe are a few lace connotiers, cream color wristcuffs, a few headbows (a few pink ones, a red, white, and blue one) a few bonnets, blouses, and, of course, more bloomers.
A good place to look up tutorials would be here on F Yeah Lolita. This girl has a good list going and I definitely think it's a good resource.
I also have another tutorial for an OP that I'm looking into my fabric stores to try out. You can find it here with Lolita From Scratch.
I'll probably make a list of tutorials I have used and really like soon.
I hope you've enjoyed this little episode of Lolita Blog Carnival, it has definitely given me more to write and think about. I promise a bloomer tutorial is in the works.


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