Friday, March 8, 2013

LBC: My Favorite Type Of Accessory

It's difficult to really pick out my favorite type of accessory really, I love it all, bonnets, headbows, jewelry...I think about all the really cool and pretty little pieces that are intricately involved with Lolita and it honestly just makes me want to get more Lolita. This is not helpful...

Seriously, if I really had to choose just one, I'd have to go with cameos jewelry.

My small collection of my antique cameos.

It's true they aren't something produced by many Lolita brands and the ones that do are mainly Classic or Gothic brands. Most brand jewelry it is adorned with an insignia on any particular item, but I like how well a nice cameo can incorporate with Lolita.

I've added them to high collared blouses or added more than just flowers to a bonnet, hat, or headbow even. I mean I don't like to stick them everywhere but I like it when it can blend in and accent it well.

I feel as though it's not unique but not many girls use it often or at least not ones that don't have super cutsey designs or skulls emblazoned on them.

My second type of accessory would really have to be bonnets. I know it's more headwear but I can't help it, solid brims decked out with cluney lace and trims with flowers decoratons are really beatiful and really bring out Victorian aestetics.

I think my favorite type of bonnets right at the moment are from Millefluer, I just really can't get over the detail that goes into one of there bonnets and I have a few that I would love to pick out for a few good coord ideas.

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