Wednesday, March 6, 2013

LBC: What Would You Like To See For Spring In Lolita?

I really wanted to think more about what was up for spring for the fashion in the Lolita community and from what I can gleam from a few posts that have popped up every once in a while.

Spring is certainly starting to blossom and bud, and for most any Lolita, it's the most loveliest time of year. First, let's think of what is in store for other Lolitas.

I think what will be really nice to see more short sleeve boleros. Yes, there everywhere and they are certainly popular enough already, but I think we will see a flood of them in many posts as opposed to blouses.

And as for the blouses that will pop up I think they will be in light~weight materials. Something that can breath easily on warmer days. We've already started to see many in chiffon and lace materials dotting around.

I also think OTT Sweet will come back into style. I know OTT was popular in Classic for a short while but from the amount of recent outbursts of pink bow overload, I think Sweet will try to make a comeback with a vengeance.

You have been warned!

With some of the prints and fabrics released by a few of the brands it seems to me as though sweets are coming back to the forefront, but with more of a country feel. Sweet little desserts and flowers are slowly working their way in with checkered stripes making a Loli feel ready for picnic season.

Personally, I'd like to see some new creations in Gothic Lolita. We've seen the OTT Sweets, OTT Classics, let's get some really amazing Gothic out there!

And as for headwear, I'd love to see a bunch of straw bonnets with flower adornments, I'm currently looking to make one like . I have plans to make a straw bonnet for myself, similar to the one done in the blog by Elegant Poupee.

Well, I'm trying to catch up on my posting so there will be a few new posts just around the corner. Until then, kick back, fluff those pettis, and enjoy a hot spot of tea! 
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