Sunday, October 27, 2013

LBC: Your Perfect Themed Halloween Party

A little late, but I've been dealing with accident after accident these past few days, like slipping and falling down a full flight of stairs, but that is simply life for me. (I even did some falling at this particular party this meet up was for, I'm accident prone like that)

Anywho, on the 20th my bestie and I had our 3rd annual Lolita Halloween themed meet up and t was an absolute blast! We had games, contests with prizes, decorations, and tons of food, with a little music thrown in.

Everyone was dressed so lovely for the event, each coordinate was themed, whether obvious or subtle, and we started off by introducing everyone and what their theme was.

After the guests arrived and introduced, we popped out the punch with a little extra surprise of floating eyeballs and served out the dishes, and desserts like our two tiered, home~made, cake we worked on creating with the theme print this year. 

Everyone enjoyed the food and conversation as we parked ourselves outside with the decorated backyard, filled with spiderwebs, Halloween hello kitty, and a game space for our big game that we would soon play.

This year, we didn't have enough space to indulge in a game of man~hunt in our Victorian park so we changed it up with a game we created that's sort of like a toss game, however, there are certainly more rules and zombies...

It was a Zombie Lolita toss game to be exact! 

We had to rotate each game because we only made 3 Lolita zombie, but we had volunteers hold up our girls and others do the tossing.

The object of the game is to hit your lolita zombie with a little ping pong eyeball and if you hit your zombie moved away, if you missed it got closer to you. You could hit your opponents and try to get them out too but how fast your game ended really relied on your skill and the luck of the draw. (If you'd like to get the whole "How to Play" info, I'll be more than happy to message them to you, just leave a comment or message me.)

After we all had our turns we held our two prize contests that we award little prizes for two different prizes for. 

Our first was for the best coordinate, where the guests all vote for whoever they think had the best coordinate either based on their coordinate theme. This year was really difficult! We had an elegant mermaid, a cute deer, even satan! (Or sateen as she preferred it pronounced.^_^) Everyone looked so awesome and cute in all there coords, it was really hard for guests to choose.

The second contest was to guess the weight of our returning mascot Pumpkinchan, the bride of Yanenstein! Every year, SweetOkashi and I always deck out a pumpkin with the most ridiculous of wigs and Ita her up a bit to make her the perfect Yanenstein bride. This year we decked her out with the prizes for our contest winners and a Halloween striped headbow, as you can see here.

After that we took a group picture and had intended to decorate masks for a group craft, however, we hunkered down in my living room and told a ghost story that stirred laughter and awe, then things winded down a bit and we saw a few of our guests off.

All in all, it was such a lovely day. If I were to think of adding or changing anything I would probably add a little more time to the party agenda, smaller prizes for the lolita zombie game winners, do up even crazier decorations, and more food or a wider variety to choose from, but I thoroughly enjoyed the day.


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Hello Batty

Thanks for reading, now pull up a chair and enjoy the tea party!

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