Sunday, November 24, 2013

LBC: What My Family Thinks Of Lolita

I know I've done a few post about this before but today I will make it easier this week.

My youngest brother says I look cool but he also thinks I look normal.

My mom likes my more classic and gothic attire but she says I wouldn't be me if I didn't wear whatever I wanted.

My dad thinks I dress fancy. Nuff said.

My older sister is a bit uncomfortable with it and thinks I only started wearing Lolita because I didn't want to deal with the world. I may not want to deal with the world sometimes but I try to face reality head on and do what I have to do and live how I like. I'm a responsible adult and know when it's okay to be the ridiculousness that is me and when I have to be serious.

My fiancées family is a mixed group. I don't think they care. Maybe his mother does, but I don't go out parading in lolita with them.

His sister loves it and always wants to see what I have either in my sewing projects or new.

As for his niece and my nephew.

My nephew thinks it's weird when I dress in civvies and asks what's wrong and where'd my clothes go. And on top of that he's always trying to wear them and run around thinking it's fun and hilarious.

His niece is very similar but she wants to make them and wear them. She loves the fashion and always tries to get into my closet to try on different things putting together a new outfit for herself. Recently, she has been given permission to take sewing lessons from me and we started making her first pair of bloomers, she's super excited.

My fiancé supports me in my love of lolita. He's bought me a few pieces for my birthday and Christmas and recently has gone out with me once in my frills. I think this is a wonderful step for us because I know it does make him a tad uncomfortable due to the fact that he is super conservative but it does make me feel great knowing he is that supportive. Inever wanted to force him into ever going out with me in loli but one day he offered to take my friend and I out to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants and she was already head~to~toe frills. He wasn't going to ask her to change and I was already dressed frilly as well and before I could ask if he would lie me to change he was already set to go and at the door.

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