Monday, February 17, 2014

Why I Appreciate Lolita

I sit on the floor in front of one of my closets that I store some of the most lovely and interesting garments that I have ever owned. I see that I've acquired so much of it in the past few years and find myself grateful to have the ability to purchase them.

I think it would be difficult to become disenchanted with this fashion because, quite frankly, I find every bit of it so interesting.

It doesn't take much more than then a glance to catch my interest. The prints, ruffles. and pin-tucks and pleats, I can't help but to find it interesting. I love my Lolita clothing, I really do. I find it beautiful and intriguing, and I can't help finding it fun to just look at the pieces.

I like to look at a single piece and wonder what the designer had thought when making it, if there was a story involved or not. It sparks my interest to wonder and think a little about it. And I don't simply mean pieces that have print either. Different cuts and stylings are involved in many pieces that you have to wonder why they did something that way.

Because of Lolita I've had several doors open for me, I've taken extra steps to learn more about crafting and sewing. Since Lolita I've learned how to make bonnets and wristcuffs and dresses and blouses, I've learned about pleating and darting and all sorts of new things that I had never even understood what to call them. On the side of sewing it has also given me a chance to have a closer relationship with my mother. Not that I didn't have a good one prior, but there is nothing quite as fun or interesting to go out to the fabric or craft store with my mom to talk shop or ask her for advice or share what I've learned and feel proud.

Another thing I have gained from Lolita fashion are my friends. I have met the coolest, most interesting people from all walks of life because of Lolita. These are people I'd never would have had the chance of meeting if it hadn't been for a simple style of clothing attracting attention or posting on an old community board after plucking up courage. I feel comfortable enough with them to talk about my problems or be my extremely goofy self or whatever nonsense spouts out of my head. These cicadas are cool and I'm very glad to have met them.

Well, that's all the ruminations I got for now, I'm going to go enjoy some macarons I smuggled out of New York and a cup of tea now. Enjoy!

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