Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lolita Blog Carnival: My First Lolita Item

I'm hitting the ON button on my blogging escapades again and bringing you more fun and more frills on my blog here (at least I hope). 

I've recently been reevaluating why I blog and where exactly I want to get with it and it came back simple. I just wanted to grow a little more. I know there are more blogs and vlogs out there with tons of content and ideas and tutorials and what not and I know most people wouldn't think to look to my blog for anything innovative and new and I'm okay with that. I just need to learn to grow myself into a stronger and better put together lolita and living human being.

Speaking of growing...

This is where this weeks topic for the Lolita Blog Carnival drops in!

My first lolita piece! (Da da da daaah)

I actually have answered this before but I figured it was nice to revisit the memories. I had gotten lucky with a two for one kind of thing really. I had just received a big paycheck and scored the internet to look for those ever elusive dresses I had seen on my screen when looking up hair bands to transform my midsummer night's dream fairies into and turned up with Mana.

I was smitten and in need. I kept a search and though I didn't know much I kept pouring away, stumbling upon Kamakaze Girls and pinning away for. Momoko's wardrobe and yet mentally realizing my similarities with Ichiko. Month after month wishing and wondering how to get these things with no idea of the resources on livejournal, this ignorance continued until I found these two particular pieces. Innocent World Alice jsk and Baby The Stars Shine Bright tartan piece.

I knew enough to look at tags and google pictures of at least what to look for in a piece, however not knowing everything about shopping lolita. I at least knew the pricing wasn't bad and asked both sellers for a small deal and was answered back with positive results. I had never been happier with a purchase!

The IW jsk is a dusty rose color, which I was a little chagrined about it because at the time I didn't like pinks at all, and I bought it and it shipped fairly quickly from California, which took about 5 days. The Baby jsk I had bought from a girl in Japan and it only took 3 days. That was my first experience with shipping from Japan and even now I'm amazed at how quick it got to me.

I still have both pieces and I will never get tired of them. I still wear them especially the dusty rose jsk I've come to love and I've come to terms with my dislike for pink and now have a wardrobe full of a smorgasbord of colors.(I hated the fact that my skin tone just looked better in pinks but I gotten over that too. ^_^) 

Soooooooo.....check out these frilly people writing about there first lolita purchases too on there pages. You can find them here:

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  1. That pink dress is so pretty! What a lovely first piece :)