Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Of Teacups and Sweet Treats: A Lolita's Holiday

This past Sunday a fellow RI lolita and I hosted a very indulgent event at my home for all things sweet and decadent. We had so many different delicious treats in so many different shapes and styles, you would not believe the sugar overload we had in store.

Everyone was asked to bring a different dessert, which for once was very easy for the gang to do since we always seem to have too many people wanting to bring dessert and not enough actual food to any sort of function, and during the meet there would be a contest for best dessert. I made pettifors and madeleines and two special fruit teas that I used my own recipe for. My co-hostess made these awesome spiced pear cupcakes with crazy frosting that she made from her own recipe, they were great!

We had so many different things to try, it was really wonderful and with plenty for everyone to take home (one of my coworkers claimed to have been waiting all week for me to bring in the rest ^_^). 

Of course with all the delicious dessert we couldn't resist holding a best dessert contest. Our resident pattisier won with her fabulous peanut butter and chocolate, banana bread cupcakes, with little Reese cups on top. They were so good, I was trying not to eat them when she first put them out.

For the second contest we held a coord contest which wasn't necessarily based off best dessert theme coord, though encouraged, but we had smashing results. One girl dressed head to toe in a donut coord, she won hands down (even my fiancĂ© who had been passing through while we were going through votes vocally voted for her). 

Anywho, a small floral hair comb was given to each winner, you can see them perched at the top of the floral arrangements on the table.

Photo curtesy of Scarlet Prettycure of Scarlet Rapshody

We really had a blast! Not just having contests or prizes, we played a create your own print game and spontaneous dance parties to Happy, this group is never one to just sit and chat, half the time we could not stop laughing! All and all I'm very glad for having these ladies in my life.

Photo curtesy of Scarlet Prettycure of Scarlet Rapshody

Well, take a sip and enjoy the sweet indulgent trip, hope you enjoyed it!

This on is honestly just another day in the life of a Rhode Island Lolita meet up.
Photo curtesy of Scarlet Prettycure of ScarletRapshody 

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