Sunday, July 27, 2014

LBC: 3 Things I Could Never See Myself Wear In Lolita

I've been trying to re~evaluate what I would wear and not wear in Lolita and some have changed while a few others have been easier to come up with.

The first one I could think of was, of course, the dreaded animal ears!

In my normal Lolita attire I could not ever see myself don a bunny or kitty ear. I'm pretty much certain I just couldn't, and the only time I could think would be in a themed coord and I'd have to really REALLY work it all really well into my coord and pretty much only super special occasion. Like if I were to do a holiday one done in theme or maybe a an Innocent World meet up with the designer herself or an enchanted evening or something of the thought. However, I truly don't think I could.

Next one on my lists of can't would be baby~ish prints.

I really do love Lolita, and all the different prints and motifs and cuts of the pieces but anything that is a little too baby~ish is too much for me.

For the third thing I could never wear in Lolita was maybe the most difficult thing for me to pick out. I had to really wrack my head for what I would not wear in Lolita but I eventually came up with something a little weird that I don't think I could wear.

And that would be weirdly placed Pom poms....

I know that there are tons of Lolitas who love these things and would totally wear them but I simply don't think I could...

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